Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


14. Crazy day turns into horrible nightmare

HARRY POV: I ran in after Anna and saw her wrapped in a towel. She was looking at the ceiling, like she was thinking. "Are you ok?" I asked looking at her. She snapped out of her daydream and looked at me."Oh! I'm fine! I just have to go meet Ryan." I frown and ball my fists. He took my girl didn't he?! She gets up and walks out into the rain heading for Ryan's house,with my heart. I slump on the couch and see Louis walk out. "Are you ok?" Louis asked sitting down next to me. " I think Ryan won her heart." I said frowning, why is she so beautiful? 

Anna POV: I walked out into the rain. Ryan asked me to come over, he had something really important to ask me. I used an umbrella that I found at the studio. I watched as the droplets of rain fell away, finding there path. After what seemed like days I made it to Ryan's house. I knocked and herd running through the house. The door opened and Ryan invited me in. All I saw were boxes, boxes everywhere. Ryan sat me on the plastic wrapped couch and held my hand. "Ash..." Why did every fucking sentence that's is meant to hurt me start like that! "I want you to be my girlfriend again, like old times. But we are moving, so it would be a long distance relationship..." I didn't know how to react. He asked me to be his girlfriend but is leaving? I just get up and walk out. Into the rain I run. Tears falling down my face. I thought he was the one that I would take to prom, graduate with! I know he will forget about me once he moves. I stopped hearing screeching of tires behind me. Then, I was thrown into the back of a car.

I wake up and find myself in a moving van. I quickly pull out my phone and text anyone and everyone. 


HARRY POV: I played on Nialls phone when a message in all caps popped up from Anna. I clicked it and saw 


Niall- What can I do to help?!

Anna-I will text you the address but please keep talking to me, I'm really scared.

Niall- don't worry love 

Anna-Harry! It's you

Niall-yeah but weren't you suppose to be at Ryan's?

Anna-yeah but he put some heavy news on me and I ran out.

Niall- I'm sorry

Anna-I see an address! It's 374 Maple avenue 


I ran and got Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. We all ran to the car and I told them what was happening. I pinned in the address and drove away. Please please make it on time!

Anna POV: I shoved my phone into my secret pocket for it. I saw the doors slid open and they pulled me out. I kicked and tried to scream but of course it's in the woods. I'm going to die is all I thought. Before I knew it I was shoved into a basement and they tied my hands together. I stood up and paced. "Stop pacing and sit!" Shouted the dark haired boy. I kept pacing and he charged towards me. Good thing I took 5 years of karate. I swung my leg up and hit him to the ground. He flung himself up and threw punches at me. I dodged and kicked him in the ab area.  I swung around and whacked him with my bonded together arms. He flew to the ground but swung back up. 
I flew away tired of the endless fighting. I pulled away from the wall and charged. But the second guy arrived and pulled my back foot. I fell backwards and heard my arm go *SNAP!* Then, my head smashed against the ground. I felt my shirt be unbuttoned and the window and door crash. I fell unconscious, into the unknown.

HARRY POV: I watched Anna fight with her hands bonded behind her back. The second guy came running in and knocked her off her feet. Then, she was knocked to the ground. The man started to unbutton her shirt and that's when I crashed through the window. I punched the man to the ground and grabbed Anna. She felt lifeless, dangling off the sides of my arms. I ran out the door and into the ran with Anna. Her head showed blood and her arm was bent in an awkward direction. I ran and got her in the back of the car. "Go to the frickin ER!" I shout, running my fingers through her hair. "Please be ok." I whisper feeling tears drop down my face. What if she's not ok? What if she gets stuck in a coma. What if? "Dude you need to calm down, she will be ok, don't worry." Niall said staring back at me. --
We pull up and I run through the doors. The lady sees me and rushed over. "Sir what happened?" I explained what happened and she was rushed into a room. I waited outside with the boys. They assured me that she would be ok. I realized I had Anna's phone. Ryan was texting her. I went on and said

Anna- Ryan this is Harry, Anna is in the hospital. 

Ryan- Oh my god I am coming! 

The nurse walked out and I jumped up and ran over. "Is she ok?" I said looking at the nurse. "Yes but she is sleeping. But she might not wake up. Or she will experience memory loss." I nod and she leads me in. 

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