Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


7. Confused

Anna POV:  I looked at him filled with confusion. How could I decide between my feelings? I wanted to not like him but I do. Why am I so confused? I felt awkward just standing there so I told myself to leave. I started to walk but his grip tightened on my hand. "Please don't leave Anna." His puppy dog eyes guilt ed  me into the thought of staying. But before I snapped out of his trance . I wasn't going to let him control me that fast."What will it take for you to let go of me Styles?" He looks at me smirking,"If you stay here with me." I look at him and say,"Fine!" He lets go and i go sit down on the couch. I pull out my homework and finish it. "STOP BEING BORING!" I hear Harry shout from upstairs. I get up and look for him, in the kitchen, no. In the Closet, no. I walk upstairs and look, nothing. The last place I look is his room. I walk in and nothing, yet. I turn around and the door is shut. Shit. I try and open the door, locked. I look for exit points, none! Oh god, I turn and sit down in a chair. After a minute I get up and try the door again. Nothing,"Harry this isn't funny!" I shout, then I feel a hand around my waist. I was about to scream but Harry shhhed me. I turn around and find him staring at me. I try to back away but he just followed me. I reach a wall and find no exit point. Shit, i'm stuck in a room with Harry.He closes around me and putts his hands against the wall blocking my exit. "Harry..." He stops me with a kiss, a kiss I couldn't get out of.  But,I relaxed and fell in love with him. I put my arm around his neck embracing the kiss. I put my hand on his chest pushing him away from me. "Why me Harry why am I the one girl that you want?" He takes his hand and runs it through his hair. "Because you were the only one who was sane, beautiful, amazing and more." I blushed at the thought. Then, I let my feelings for him run loose like a bull. We kiss again but after he asked," Do you want to go out Anna, I promise I won't cheat like that jerk Ryan." He promised not to, that meant a lot to me. I nodded and we kissed again. Then, I saw it was 9:00pm,"Harry I have to go." He followed me down and I saw his mom in the kitchen. "Oh, Harry is this the girl your madly in love..." Harry cut his mom off with,"Welcome home mom! I'm going to drive Anna home." Harry's mom came rushing over, "Oh sweetie you can't go out in that weather it's raining and freezing and you have no jacket! Please stay in Harry's sisters room. It would be my pleasure." I see her wink man I wasn't getting out of this house. "Are you sure Mrs.Styles?" She nodded and I said," Thank you Mrs. Styles." And with that I brought my stuff up to his sisters room.

HARRY POV: She's staying the night! Plus she's my girlfriend! Could you say best day ever? She brings her stuff up to Gemma's room and plops on the bed. I scratch my head," So do you wanna watch a movie?" She looks up at me," A movie would be great Styles." We walk to my room and I pull out my laptop. We search Netflix and put on Valentines Day. Halfway through the movie I look over and find Anna is asleep on my shoulder.  I silently closed my laptop and move her head onto my chest. I put my arm around her and fall asleep. 

Anna POV: This felt so right, being with Harry. Just sitting in his room watching a movie. To bad I fell asleep in the middle of it. When I wake up I find that my head rests on his chest. I feel the movement of his chest, up down up down. It was very relaxing then I see his arm is curled around me. I smile and look over at the clock. It's 6:30am! Shit we are late! "Harry get up there's school!" I say hopping out of bed. He gets up groaning,"Why? Can we stay here and cuddle?" I run out of the run back to Gemma's room before Harry could guilt me. I borrow some of Gemma's clothes and slip them on. They fit so well how cool. I bring my backpack downstairs and wait for Harry to come. When he finally come we eat breakfast an head out the door. "Harry could we not make it completely public that we are dating yet?" He nods and says," Anything for my beloved Anna." I laugh and playfully hit him in the arm. I can't believe I had feelings for this Styles kid! He pulled up and we got out together. Immediately he was unglufed by girls, so I just walked away. I look back and he seems confused. I just keep walking pushing the thought of him cheating out of my head. I get my books and head off to class. Harry catches up with me," What's wrong love? You moved so quickly this morning." I smile and respond," Nothin Styles." But it was everything, the thought of getting heartbroken.. We walked in and sat in the back. It was a sub and Harry seemed happy about that. I found Becca and Kassie sitting in the back. "Guys! I have news for you!" I whispered crouching down next to them. "What????? Tell me now!" Becca whispered, I leaned in closer," Harry plus me." I said trying to keep it simple. Beccas eyes widened and Kassie said,"Finally! Niall and I paired you up first day." I laugh and quickly run back to my seat. The whole period Harry and I fool around while the sub isn't looking. When the bell rings I walk out and find Ryan standing in front of my locker. "Ryan move." I said trying to push to my locker. "Can we please talk about this Anna." He said trying to grab my hand. He knew that always made me feel better. I thrash my hand away. "What is there to talk about Ryan? You didn't even want to date me after 2 periods! I wanted it to work but not right now Ryan." I push him aside and get to my locker. "Please just come to the stairwell during Lunch Anna for 1 minute let me explain myself." I shut my locker and respond," Fine Ryan but only 1 minute." I walk away to my next class. 

HARRY POV: I think the fans  intimate Anna. I tried to talk to her but she was in deep thought.  We walked off to chemistry and she was silent. I playfully kicked her but she didn't move. I think she was on the verge of tears. The bell rang and she rushed out. I went upstairs to the library to drop off a book. When I opened the door to the stairwell I heard shouted decided to listen. Then I realized it was Anna and Ryan. 

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