Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


2. Chemistry Class

 Anna POV: When I walked into the classroom I sat down in the back. I looked forward starting at the board. Why is Harry playing mind games with me?! Then, I hear a thud next to me, I look over and see its Harry. Oh, great just what I needed right now. Mr.Sanders walks in and says, " I have assigned you guys each lab partners.' Please pair me with someone other than harry please! Then he starts to say the partners," Jessie and Max, Rachel and Linsie, Ryan and Greg, Kaley annd Fred, Tyler and Hailey, Paul and Cher, Anna and Harry..." Of course we are lab partners. I look at Harry and he sticks out his hand," Hi lab partner." I wave and draw my attention back to Mr.Sanders. " Now that you have been assigned your lab partners, work on this packet together, if not finished you have to get together today after school." He passed out papers and when we got it, it was 10 pages thick! Front and back, how are we ever going to finish this in class? Harry looks at me," You know what I really need to pee Anna, be right back. He smirks at me and walks as slowly a human could ever walk. Oh great he is wasting time so I have to come over. I try and get through the packet but each partner has a different packet! Now, we will never finish. 10 minutes later Harry finally returns and sits down. "Sorry there was a line." I roll my eyes and say," Just get your work done Harry." I stare at my paper doing the work when Harry kicks me. "What was that for?" I say he smiles and said,"Procrastination." Oh, that boy I knew it! Before I knew it the bell rang and we weren't done.

HARRY POV: My plan worked, now she has to come over! When we walk out I tell her, " Stay by the lockers until it's time to go love." I smirk and she walks away. I walk in the other direction to my locker. I open it and find love letters over filling my locker. I shove my backpack in and head to lunch. I have a plan bubbling inside my head that will make her heart race. I meet up with Niall and tell him what is going to happen at lunch.

Anna POV: I meet up with Kassie and Becca. They look at me like they were waiting for something. "What guys you are really starting to scare me." Kassie says,"WELL? How did it go!" I let out a sigh," I have to go over his house today, well he first invited me, then, I have too,Chemistry." They stood their shocked,"Y-Y-Your going over H-H-Harry's house???"  I nod and they start to scream! Before I know it we are walking to lunch on the topic of One Direction. Once we got our food we sat at our usual table." Tell us exactly what happened Anna!" Kassie shouts, I tell them what happened and they shriek. Then, they start screaming even more. I turn behind me and look, there's Harry again. But, this time with Niall. Niall sat down next to Kassie and Becca while Harry sat down next to me. I silently ate my food while Niall,Kassie, and Becca blabbered about who knows what. Then, I felt a hand on my knee, I look over at Harry and he smirks. He leans in and whispers," Are you from Tennessee because your the only ten i see." My hearts starts racing, why? What is Harry Styles doing to me? 

HARRY POV: She's blushing, she is blushing! I look over at Niall he is really clicking with Kassie. I look back at Anna but she is not looking at me. So, I brush my finger along her knee and she turns to me,"Harry your kind of making me uncomfortable." She saiys,glaring at me. I whisper," Good." She looks at me shocked then, turns away. Becca moves over next to her, they start whispering. I hear my name mentioned a couple of times. i lean in and say," What are you girls talking about?" Becca looks at me, mezmorized by me but Anna says, " Becca and I will be in the bathroom." Her and Becca walk away, so now i'm left with lovebirds Niall and Cassie. I get up and follow the trail that the girls went. Then, I heard them talking.

Anna POV: I was pacing back and forth while Becca tried to calm me down. "Why is he so interested in me? Why not one of his fans? Why was he holding my knee at lunch,WHY?" I wanted to scream, whats his motive? Becca says," Anna, just think about this you could use it to your advantage, you know for your singing." I nodded and hugged her,"This is why I love you, you are always one step ahead." Then, I lean in and whisper,"I think his tricks are working." Becca gasped.

HARRY POV: Why is she questioning what i'm doing, why isn't this working? The bell rings and I run away from the door.I get to my locker and 5 minutes later she appeared," So meet here in 2 periods Harry?" I Respond,"Yes love, excited?" She looks at me,"I'm more scared." Her locker opens and a note falls out. She picks it up and walks to class. Who wrote that note? That is what I wondered the rest of the classes. I couldn't stop thinking about her! When last period ended, I walked to the lockers, I saw she was there then I said,"Ready to go love?" She nodded and we walked outside to my car.

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