Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


8. Apologies

Anna POV: I open the stairwell door to find Ryan standing there. "What did you want to talk about Ryan?" I said crossing my arms, frustrated with him. He looks at me and saids," Anna I didn't mean to hurt you at all! I love you ever since that first kiss..." He takes my hands and pulls me towards him. "Ryan you broke my heart! You knew I had a crush on you forever!" He pulls me in for a kiss but I push away. "Ryan stop!" He just pulls me in closer. "Ryan just stop! Go kiss that other girl ok? You had your chance but you have broken our relationship!" I get out of his grasp but he catches my grasp."C'mon Anna can you forgive me this one time?" Then, Harry barges in and grabs me. "Hey Styles! This is between me and her!" Ryan shouts, Harry pushes me behind him and says,"You broke her heart Ryan that chapter is over now stay away from her." I step out and Ryan grabs my hand,"Anna c'mon lets go to lunch." I thrashed my wrist away and stepped back. Ryan punched Harry and screamed,"You did this Styles!!! Ever since you came into the picture.." Harry slapped him before he could finish. Harry pushed me behind my back so Ryan couldn't grab me. I ran out the door and started to cry.  What was I doing? I caused them to fight each other. I heard the door burst open and Ryan ran towards me. I couldn't handle them. I ran towards the cafeteria and found Kassie and Becca. "Where have you been?!" Kassie said. I looked at her and practically fell apart I told her what happened but before I could finish Ryan walks up and whispers," We need to talk." I get up and follow him. Outside I see Harry is around the corner watching. "Anna what is going on with you... You seem different." Ryan saids, I looked at him shocked and respond," Me? Changed? Said the kid who kissed the most popular girl in school. Is now punching people and is being a complete jerk? You use to be the sweetest guy I have ever known you understood me now your just like the rest." I walk off into the bathroom and pull my phone out and text Kassie. becca and Kassie came quickly and I cried my eyes out. When we walk out we have to get to our next period. The rest of the day didn't help my mood.

HARRY POV: I can't believe what just happened. Ryan punched me in the face because he thought I was the problem! Does he not notice how he made Anna a wreck? My face was raw from the hit and it hurt like hell. I spent the rest of the day holding my face in my hand trying to make the pain go away. Then, the final bell rang and I ran out. When I made it to the lockers, Anna's locker was covered in papers. When she came down the hallway she looked straight at my face. "Harry I'm so sorry I caused that and I just made it a wreck and because of me you have a black eye..." I stop her and say," It's ok no need to freight it's just a black eye." She smiles and starts to read the papers. Her smile disappears the more she reads. A tear rolls down her cheek before she shoves it in her backpack.  Becca walked up and Anna walked away with her. I found Niall and we walked out. "What happened?" He questioned pointing to my eye. I told him the story and he said," Looks like you really do like this girl." I drove away to my house, but just couldn't get my mind off Anna. What did that letter say that hurt her so much? When I pulled up Niall and I got out to find Zayn,Liam, and Louis inside on the couch. "Hey guys! Wazzup how was boring school." Zayn said then looked up at my eye. He got up and walked over,"Ok Harry what happened?" I retold the story and they started chanting," Harry's got a crush!Harrys got a crush!" I started to blush, embarrassed. Then, we put on the video games and played them for awhile. 

Anna POV:  Becca was an awesome friend for letting me stay at her house. We ran up to her room and we started to talk. Then, my phone buzzed like a maniac. Ryan was texting me a million times.  I threw my phone on the ground and started to cry. Why is he doing this to me? Becca and I put on Pitch Perfect. I fell asleep on the couch, an escape from the all drama.  The next week went by fast. Ryan tried to talk to me but I avoided him. I was always walking with Becca and Kassie. On Friday I went home with Harry. " Anna, are you ok?" He asked me and I answered honestly," I'm getting better but it's hard how he is just bringing back that memory." He pulled up and we walked in. I was attacked by Louis and he dragged me away. "Louis! What was that for?" I shout giggling inbetween each word.Louis looks at me," HARRY IS MINE!" He shouts picking me up and throwing me onto the couch. Then, Zayn swoops in and picks me up. "LOOK IM HOLDING HARRY'S CRUSH GUYS!" He runs around the house and Niall pops out. "HARRY LOVES YOU Anna!" Niall screams and I scream back,"NIALL LOVES KASSIE!!!!" He blushes and I start to giggle. Zayn puts me down and Harry puts his arm around. His face bright as a tomato. Niall asks," Can I invite Kassie over?" We all look over and start to chant," NIALLS GOT A CRUSH NIALLS GOT A CRUSH!" I felt like one if the guys and it made me happy. " Only if Becca is invited she's kind of my ride home." He nods and I get up and call Becca," Becca! Get your ass off the couch and get ready to meet One Direction!" She squeals and tells me she will be over in 5 min. I text her the address and head back over. I sit down and Harry wraps his arms around me. I hear a chorus of awwwwwwwsss from around the room. I giggle and hear the doorbell ring. Zayn gets up and opens the door. Becca is on the other side wided-eyed staring at Zayn. Zayn has the same reaction. Zayn takes her hand and drags her over to the couch. Becca gives me her OMG look and I laughedThe boys pick Scream to watch, aka a movie I'm really scared of. Harry whispers," If you get scared I'm right here love." The movie starts and my grip tightens on Harrys hand. I look over and find Beccas face is buried in Zayns shirt. Kassie who just arrived, was laying her head in Niall's lap covering her eyes. I have a feeling this movie was picked for a reason. Once the movie was done I was shaking violently. That was the scariest thing ever. They pull out the game Life. "Ok people we have to double up so, Anna Harry,Niall Kassie, Liam Louis, and me and Becca. I could see Becca was practically dead. You see Zayn was her celebrity crush of all time. The game took forever but Liam and Louis ended up winning. Louis checked the time,"It's 9:00 pm, you girls are welcome to stay..." Harry looked at me nodding his head. I held up my finger and signaled becca and Kassie over. Becca was freaking out, she whispered,"Zayn asked me on a date! He said I was beautiful!!!" We smiled and hugged becca. I asked," Do you guys wanna stay?" They both replied no so I decided same with me. We were heading out the door when Harry said," Anna will you be able to sleep after that movie?" He looked at me smirking. "Actually no Styles, not for the rest of my life." I laugh and walk out. "Becca was in the drivers seat freaking out. Kassie was trying to calm her down but she couldn't. "Guys I will just walk." I said starting to walk. They look confused, why I was walking. I was cold shivering when I heard footsteps behind me. I slowed my pace and turned around. Harry was there smirking at me. He put his jacket around my shoulders and wrapped his arms around. "Harry I don't need your jacket I'm fin....." He cut me off before I could finish with a kiss. "I saw you shivering Anna, let me walk you home." We walked to my house and we talked about so many different things then, we turned the corner to the park where Ryan goes every Friday, rain or shine. I slipped out of Harrys arms and walked forward. Harry looked confused but understood when he saw Ryan. I walked a bit faster to avoid Ryan's glance...... Didn't work. He met my eyes and walked over. "Did you read my notes? Texts? Please understand Anna." He looked at me,"Just give me time Ryan." I said walking away. When I turned the corner and found Harry waiting for me." I'm sorry Anna I started it." Harry said hugging me. I looked at him starting to walk,"What do you mean?" Harry sighed and said," I yelled at him for being such a jerk I guess I said he needed to make it up to you." Harry runs his hand through his hair. I take his hand and look at him. "Harry I'm not mad you were just trying to help me." He smiled and we walked up to my flat. "Thank you for walking me home Styles." I kissed him and walked into my flat. I'm in love with Harry Styles.

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