Abducted For A Good Reason

When five best friends get abducted by extremly famos people, they don't know what to do. Until they find out why they were abducted. For most people battles are just about staying alive, but for others, its a fight to he death to save the earth... DUN DUN DUN



Hey! so this is only an authors note.  umm so here's the deal, i just felt like updating yesterday and i know i said that i would only update every monday. i don't know if i will update tomorrow it all depends. if not, then the one yesterday is the chapter for the week. if i do do it monday then you guys will get two updates this week! oh and thanks for reading this book, it really means a lot and i know that the chapters are short and everything so… also if anyone is interested to be co-authors write it down in the comments bye!

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