Abducted For A Good Reason

When five best friends get abducted by extremly famos people, they don't know what to do. Until they find out why they were abducted. For most people battles are just about staying alive, but for others, its a fight to he death to save the earth... DUN DUN DUN


1. Summer's POV

Summer's POV
I was playing a game with my boy friend. It was a dumb game, but we couldn't find anything else to do! His was Josh. He was funny, sweet, handsome, and a little romantic. Though, he doesn't like to admit the last part. Whatever. Josh was a my house. He was eating dinner with me my family. He had met them before. So, they knew him. *Knock. Knock* "Dinner's ready!" my mom called through the door. "Coming!" I replied. "Hang on!" Me and Josh cleaned up the cards and walked downstairs. The dinner table was set so pretty. My mom didn't normally set it so nicely. Except when we had guests. Josh gave me a peck on the lips. We all sat down.

*After Dinner*
"Bye Josh! See you tomorrow!" I yelled out the door as he started walking towards his car. "Oh! I forgot something!" I heard him say. He started running towards me. He kissed me on the lips. I gladly kissed him back. He was so sweet. I walked upstairs to text the girls. I was in my bedroom
when I felt a pair of hands on back. I froze. I tried to move. "Don't move." I heard someone say. I turned around to see five face staring at me. I started to scream. One of them put his hand over my mouth. What the hell was going on?! He dragged me off my bed. Why did it have to be me? He dragged me to the window. I saw all the other boys staring at me. "Ok, can you do me a favor?" one of the other boys asked me. I didn't do anything. I didn't nod or shake my head. "She's scared. Let your hand go Niall." one of them said. I recognized them. The one called Niall did as he was told. "My phone!" I screamed and dived on the bed. I grabbed my phone then plopped on the floor next to my bed. "Ok..." one said. "I'm Louis, this is Liam, this is Zayn, and this is Harry. You already know Niall." Louis said. "I know you! Your the boy band One Direction!" I said. "Yeah." mumbled Zayn. Harry reached out his hand and I took it. He pulled me up. "Good, now that you have met us. You need to come with us." Liam said. "Oh, hell no!" I yelled. I screamed. Niall was about to put his hand over my mouth again, but at the last second I screamed "Kill the spider!!!!!!!!!!!!" Niall froze in this tracks. All the boys looked around on the floor. This was my chance. I booked it towards my bedroom door. "You're not getting away that easy!" Louis yelled. I opened the door then, I felt hands on waist. I looked up and saw Louis. He dragged me to the window. None of the boys had hurt me, but I didn't want to take any chances. "Let go!" I yelled. Louis shook his head. I was scared! What should I do? "Please go out the door." Liam said calmly. Zayn walked over to the door and closed it. "Do I HAVE to?" I pouted. "Yea." said Harry. Louis took his hands away from my waist. I went to own the window. "It's locked! How the hell did you get in here?" I asked while unlocking it. "Don't ask." Harry said. My phone was in my pocket. I sighed and opened the window. I was on the 3rd floor of my house but, since it was winter there was a huge pile of snow on the ground. I would literally be only jumping like 3 meters. I jumped at hit the cold snow. "Watch out!" I heard from above me. I stood up out of the way and the boys. Niall fell half and half on Louis and Liam. Louis and Liam groaned. "Hahaha whoops!" Niall said awkwardly. They all stood up. "Come on." Liam said. I followed him. What will happen to me?
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