Abducted For A Good Reason

When five best friends get abducted by extremly famos people, they don't know what to do. Until they find out why they were abducted. For most people battles are just about staying alive, but for others, its a fight to he death to save the earth... DUN DUN DUN


4. Livia's POV

I'm SO bored! I'm gonna call my boyfriend Adam. Maybe he'll come over!
*Phone Call*
Adam: Hey babe!
Livia: Hey Adam! I have a question!
Adam: What is it?
Livia: Could you come over and hang for a little bit?
Adam: Define 'hang'.
Livia: I dunno maybe...
Adam: Kiss?!
Livia: *laughs* sure!
Adam: Yes! What time should I come over?
Livia: Does now work?
Adam: Ahhh, let me check. Hang on.
Adam: Yes! It does work!
Livia: Kay, see you soon!
Adam: Kay, love you!
Livia: Love you too!
*End Of Call*
Adam is coming over! Yes! "Mom! Adam is coming over." I shout through the house. "K!" she shouts back. About 5 minutes later Adam shows up. "Hey babe." Adam smirks while entering into my room. "Hey!" I say happily. He comes and sits next to me on the floor. He leans in and we kiss. About 3 minutes later we finally pull apart. "Missed you." I say. "Me too." he says. "You were gone for like a week." "Yea, I know. But, we had fun in Paris!" I reply. "I bet you, you did." Adam says back. He leans back in for another kiss. This time we go for 5 minutes. "New record." Adam smirks when we pull apart. "Yeah, it is isn't it." I say. About a hour later Adam has to leave. He left us both pretty happy! We've NEVER gone all the way. (People goin'
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