Abducted For A Good Reason

When five best friends get abducted by extremly famos people, they don't know what to do. Until they find out why they were abducted. For most people battles are just about staying alive, but for others, its a fight to he death to save the earth... DUN DUN DUN


5. Livia's POV part 2

I was SO happy!!!! Eeek! I love Adam so much! I couldn't imagine life without him. Suddenly a cold hand touched my shoulder gently. What the heck was goin' on? I would have used heLL but I don't like to cuss! I realized I had staring into space for a couple moments so I just decided to end the awkward silence. "Who are you?" I asked turning around. "A person named Louis. Now, 2 things 1, that is Liam, Niall, Harryyy, and Zayn. 2, your are going to come with us. You have 3 best friends in the car." Louis said. "Which 3 bestfriends?" I asked. "Adeline, Summer, and Jade." Louis said. "But what if I don't want to go?????!!!!!!! I mean you can't make me!" I whined. "You're coming." Liam said. It was 5 against 1. My only chance is to go with them. "Fine." I sighed. "Wow! She's the easiest we've had all night!!!!! I jumped out the window.  I mean obviously if they wanted to sneak out, they couldn't go downstairs where they would be out in the open! They jumped out an walked to a car. This is gonna be a long night...

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