Abducted For A Good Reason

When five best friends get abducted by extremly famos people, they don't know what to do. Until they find out why they were abducted. For most people battles are just about staying alive, but for others, its a fight to he death to save the earth... DUN DUN DUN


2. Jade's POV

A/N sorry I haven't updated in a little bit! Got a lot of homework! Thank you to all the people who favorites this! It really means a lot! So I have a question. Would you like me to tell you guys one little tiny thing about later on in the story? Comment your answer. It will give a tiny bit away. Anyways, I will only do a couple chapters! xx

I stood there, what should I wear? To bed I mean. It may sound dumb but I LOVE fashion. Even when I go to bed its a big choice. But, I have a boyfriend! His name is Sean. He's super cute! Not just the looks though! He is best friends with Josh, Sum's boyfriend. I call her Sum but only her friends call her Sum. Everyone else just calls her Summer. Whatever I'll just wear a tank and shorts. I went into my bathroom and got changed. When I got I saw six faces staring at me. Five of them I didn't know to well. But, the last one was Summer. I could tell. I stared at the people in shock for a few seconds before Summer said, "I know." What the hell? Why were people in my bedroom? Okay, I understand Summer because we are so close her mom is like a second mom to me. As well as Adeline's, Isabelle's, and Livi's mom. We all felt the same way. "What are you people, besides Summer, doing in my bedroom?" I asked. "Well, we're here to ask you come with us. So, can you come with us?" one said. "No." I replied. "My name is Louis, this is Zayn, Niall, Harryyyyyy, and Llllllliiiiiiaaaaammmmm! (Liam)" Louis said. "Coooooooool." I said sarcasticly. Louis just rolled his eyes. Damn, this was SO annoying! "Can't you go bug someone else? Not you Sum." I said. "We really don't need your sass. So, make it easy on us and please come with us!" Harry said. "Just my personality!" I said with a sarcastic smile in the end. Zayn and Niall walked over to me and Zayn picked me up. "Holy shit what are you doing?" I asked. "Well, you weren't gonna come with us, so." Liam said. Niall opened my window while Zayn walked over to the window with me still in his arms. "I have shorts and a tank top on. I'm not going out there!" I said. "Please!" Liam whined. I shook my head. I could jump out my window. IF I wanted to. I could tell that there was no way I was getting out of this. So, I jumped out the window. Then came Summer. Then the boys. "Step 1 and 2 complete! Step 3 get Adeline!" I heard Harry say happily. Adeline?! I have to warn her!
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