Abducted For A Good Reason

When five best friends get abducted by extremly famos people, they don't know what to do. Until they find out why they were abducted. For most people battles are just about staying alive, but for others, its a fight to he death to save the earth... DUN DUN DUN


3. Adeline's/Jade's POV

Jade's POV

"Did you just say 'Now it's time to get Adeline!'?" I asked stopping dead. "Ahhhhh" Niall stuttered. "Can I please have your phone?" "Why do you want my phone?" I asked. "Please." Zayn pleaded. I could tell that there was no getting out of this. I sighed and put my hand in my pocket. "There." I said as I handed Liam my phone.

Adeline's POV

I sat on my bed playing on my computer. "Adeline! Someone's here to see you!" my mom shouted through the house. "Coming!" I yelled. I walked downstairs to find Sage. Sage goes to my school. "Hi." I said. "Ahhh here. You left this in English class." he said. He handed me my my Math, English, Spanish, and History books. "Oh my god thanks Sage!" I exclaimed. "No problem." he muttered. "Well I should get going." he said after and awkward silence. "Yeah, um see you tomorrow Sage." I said awkwardly. "Bye" he mumbled. I walked upstairs to my room. I sat down on my bed and took my laptop out. There was a message. It said: "Hey Adeline it's Sage. Um, I know I just left your house and all but I just wanted to tell why I came. I came to ask you question. So, would you like to be my g-girlfriend? Ahhhh, let me know tomorrow! Bye Adeline!" I wanted to type back I already have a boyfriend. So, I started : Ahhh, sorry Sage, but, I have a boyfriend named Connor already, again really sorry!" That should do it. Whist then I felt someone tap my shoulder. I looked up and saw five face staring at me. What? "Who the hell are you?" I asked. "Look, we have two of your best friends in the car. And if you want to see them again you have to some with us." one said. "Who. Do. You. Have. In. That. Car?" I asked. "Summer and Jade." one said. "Why would you even think that I would go with you?" I asked rudely. "Because." one said. "Now, answering you question before of 'Who the hell are you' my name is Niall, that's Liam, Harry, Louis, and that's Zayn!" Niall responded. Finally! "You have very nice hair!" Zayn blurted out. Everyone just stared at him. "Sorry." he mumbled. I just started giggling. The boys all stared at me in confusion. "That reminded me of and inside joke." I said between giggles. When I finally stopped giggiling the boys had a question for me. "Now will you come with us?" Louis asked. "Oh! I'm gonna go back into the car and check on Jade and Summer!" Harry said. He walked over to the window and walked out. I was on the ground level, so I could just walk out. "No." I said. "Please! It just makes it easyer on us do we don't have to physically force you out." Liam whined. I sighed, thought for a moment then said, " Still, no" "Come on." Louis put me over his shoulder and walked to my window. "Go out." he said when he put me down. I sighed and walked out. It was super cold outside. Zayn walked me over to a black van. "Get in." he said. I did what I was told.
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