Why We Broke Up

Matt and Violet were never the sort of people expected to get together. But in the end, the funny part was... they didn't quite know where they went wrong.

Why We Broke Up is a love story told backwards... to find where they went wrong, and where exactly they went right.


3. September 4th, 2012


The film Vi puts on isn’t really my kind of thing, but I don’t mind, because watching her watch it is more entertaining. Her eyes light up like stars, and her mouth is curved in concentration. I play with her hair as we lie on her bed and alternate between looking at her and the paintings covering every inch of the room. Some of them are hers, and some of them are reprints of others, but all are incomprehensible and magic to me. I cannot understand them, but they are beautiful.

I glance down at Vi. Maybe that explains why I love her so much, too.

I kiss her forehead and start to stand up. “I’m going to get a drink. Want one?”

She shakes her head and continues watching the film. She doesn’t offer to pause, and I’m glad, because I don’t want her to think I don’t like the film when I say no. Which I don’t, but I’m happy being with her regardless.  

When I re enter, the film is still running, but she’s been distracted. She’s holding my phone in her hand and her brow is furrowed a little.

My heart thuds. The expression on her face tells me something is wrong.

“Hey,” I say, my hands inadvertently shaking. “What’re you doing?”

She glances up. “Your phone beeped… and I was going to turn it on silent so it wouldn’t disturb the movie…”

“Oh,” I say. “Give it here, I’ll do it.” I head to sit down next to her.



“Who’s Alice?”

I am sure this is what your heart stopping feels like. I am sure that I am dead. “Just someone I met once,” I stumble out, trying to seem casual.

Vi’s face is confused stone, almost disbelieving as she stares at the phone. Then she gingerly places it face-up on the table, so that I can see the text.

From: Alice

Hey. I know we said it’d be a one-time thing, but it was so fun. Fancy meeting up again?

x x x Alice

“How long ago did you… meet her?” she says, not looking at me.


“Please just answer,” she says, and her voice is cold.

“Three months.”

She nods, and pushes the phone towards me. “Go.”

“Vi, I didn’t… it was just… we were drunk…”

“Please just go.” She turns away from me.

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