Hate (Anti Fan fiction)

Amanda hates JB,Fan fictions but most of all she hates....One Direction.So when her dad starts recoding their new album,her life is filled with the people she hates,perfect.

This is the first anti fan fiction I have written so I hope it goes well.Please No Hate!


4. Thoughts

I spent the rest of the day in my room,writing the perfect song.Somtimes one of them would come upstairs to see if I was alright,I just pretended to be asleep,even when Niall came up.I had managed to write one song that I thought was good enough,but it wasn't my best work.

Eventually dad came home and the boys left.I still stayed upstairs when they left,I went to sleep and dreamet about One Direction,they had a new single out that I wrote.Everybody loved it,they took all the credit for it.I got so angry,I went to there tour bus and all hell was about to break loose,that's when I woke up.It was 2:30am.

I couldn't get back to sleep,I just laid there and thought about anything and everything.My friends are going to go nuts when I tell them that my dad is producing One Directions new album,I don't think I should tell them about it,I don't want Harry to fall in love with one of them and it becoming a soppy romance story,that would be gross.
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