Hate (Anti Fan fiction)

Amanda hates JB,Fan fictions but most of all she hates....One Direction.So when her dad starts recoding their new album,her life is filled with the people she hates,perfect.

This is the first anti fan fiction I have written so I hope it goes well.Please No Hate!


2. The truth,

It felt like someone had just told me that I would have to never eat again,my dad was going to produce their new album."Hi,I'm Liam"Said Liam as he held out his hand and expected me to shake it "I'm Amanda"I replied coldly and avoided his hand "These four are Zayn,Louis,Niall and Harry"He said and sat back down,I hated them all but mostly Harry but I didn't mind Niall,he was Irish (I'm a sucker for an Irish accent) and he was the nicest out of them all."So Amanda,the boys are going to be spending time with me a lot and I thought since you like writing songs,you could help them write a few songs"Suggested Dad

"Okay"I replied,Why did I say yes?!

"Great,I'll leave you all here to talk,I'm going to go and take Waffles for a walk"Said Dad as he went to go and get my dog Waffles and left the house.

We sat there in silence Intil Niall decided to breake the silence "So,tell us about yourself"Niall said
"I'm in College,my faveourite bands are the Beatles,Jackson 5 and not you"I replied,they looked at me shocked "You dont like One Direction?"Asked Zayn "No,I don't like any of you,apart from Niall"I answered,Niall smiled "Dont get any ideas blondie"I told Niall,he carried on smiling though "It doesn't matter if you don't like us,as long as you write good songs,that's all that matters"replied Harry as he smiled.I grabbed a note book that was next to me off the sofa and wrote down a small song:
You,you annoy me and I will rip your hair out
Don't get on my bad side,that includes you blondie
So keep your jokes behind your teeth
Stop coping the Beatles
And keep your curls to yourself

I handed it to them they read it and looked at me once they had finished."Enjoy,it might be a new hit"I said sarcastically and walked out of the room.
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