Hate (Anti Fan fiction)

Amanda hates JB,Fan fictions but most of all she hates....One Direction.So when her dad starts recoding their new album,her life is filled with the people she hates,perfect.

This is the first anti fan fiction I have written so I hope it goes well.Please No Hate!


3. Curly

I walked out into the kitchen leaving them alone,but it wasn't long Intil I could hear footsteps,it was Niall."So why do you hate the others but not me?"He asked me "I'm a sucker for and Irish accent and your the nicest out of all of you"I replied as I walked over to the cupboard and got a pack of crisps "So why do you hate the others?"He asked "It like twenty one questions,well I think Louis is too childish,Liam is just too uptight and boring,Zayn is too vein and Harry is a player,a big player"I answered "Okay"He said.Soon after we had talked Harry came into the kitchen "So,I liked your song"Harry said sarcastically "I've got some better songs upstairs for you"I told Harry " good,cause I don't think the other one will sell once"Replied Harry and Niall started to laugh,I looked at him and he stopped laughing straight away."Im going upstairs"I said and went up to my room.

In my room I just sat there,writing,reading,texting and going on my laptop.On my laptop I went onto this website called Movellas,it's for young authors.If I did not make it as a singer I want to become an author, so why not start now?Its an awesome website.There was this thing called NMD ( No Movellas December)where we basically went off Movellas for the whole of December,I could not do it though,there are loads of great authors on there like Rawrz,LittleMsHollywood,The Lia Cookie,Sakura,Emmie,Kierstinn and many others.But the one bad thing is that it is jam packed with Fanfictions about the five boys sitting in my livingroom,it's so annoying!I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and then whoever it was knocked on my door "come in" I said "It's me"Said Harry as he came into my room "What?"I asked "I was wondering if you wanted any help whith writing a song"He replied "I'm alright"I answered "But I'm good at writing songs"He said "But I can write songs myself"I told him "I already have an idea for it -" "Just can you go curly!"I cut him off "Just trying to help"He mumbled "I don't need your help curly,now get out!"I shouted and he left my room.I felt kind of guilty,but he is so annoying!
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