Hate (Anti Fan fiction)

Amanda hates JB,Fan fictions but most of all she hates....One Direction.So when her dad starts recoding their new album,her life is filled with the people she hates,perfect.

This is the first anti fan fiction I have written so I hope it goes well.Please No Hate!


1. The shock

I walked home from school,It was a dull,rainy day.School was horrible, I got into a fight with a directioner who gave me a nose bleed,stupid Directioners.I hate One Direction.Espically Harry Styles,my friends are full on Directioners and love Harry Styles,but they are not obsessive like some people.

I walked up the pathway that led to my house,there was a car outside,a mini van.I unlocked the door to my house and walked in.My dad was holding a tray of six cups of tea outside the living room door "Hi dad"I said
"Hi Amanda,I have some good news"announced Dad excitedly
"What is it?"I asked
"Im producing a new album for a very famous band"replied dad
"Who?"I asked

Dad opened the living room door.On my sofa,sat the five people I hate the most,the people that I have hated since 2010.They go by the name,One Direction.
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