winter affection.

Julissa Parker is a full time worker for an ice skating rink at homes chapel.It's winter!and the lights are up for a little ride,,,,but it's Christmas eve which is one of the most busiest night of the year for them.As she works she notices one of teenage boys looking at her from out of no where.She gets a feeling but is too scared to tell,until she bumps into him in person and from there starts the affection.


4. Who are those guys?

Harry's P.O.V


All the boys and their girlfriends have decided to go ice skating,since their parents including myn are at a very important meeting we decided to stick around the ice rink instead of being home and bored.'ok guy's well i think we're ready aren't we?'Louis adds while holding Eleanor with one hand on the back and the other in his pocket.'yeah i guess' i reply with a shoulder shrug.'well then im gonna go turn on the car and let it get warm for a bit.' Louis answers as he leaves with eleanor. 'GUYS!!!HURRY! WE DON'T WANNA WASTE ANY TIME' i yell from downstairs to the boys.

After all the guys and girls are down idk why but Liam insist on a picture to show our christmas eve spirit. 'guys lets take a pic!' liam shouts out loudly with a jump and a smile. 'babe,we should just take one at the ice skating rink and there everyone's going to be in the picture!' Danielle adds as a suggestion,i agree with her. 'oh maybe your right' Liam says with a smile.

We all get in the car and make our way to the ice skating rink.Several minutes later,i see Niall's face pressed on the car's window with his slob falling. 'eww Niall what are you doing?' i ask in disgust.He doesn't answer back and i notice him staring at his favorite restaurant nando's. 'look at niall' i whisper to zayn and perrie pointing at niall's direction.

We get to the ice skating rink and see this big line full of people waiting outside,but the rink is open,the thing is that it always gets full on christmas eve!Well now we just gotta wait!


Julissa's P.O.V


Me and mackenzie are skating around and supervising the whole rink.When all of a sudden a group of five guys come in but don't notice me,but they look so nice and cute!I quickly meet up with mackenzie and tell her about it.When i tell her she seems to find it funny for some reason.'what's it with you?' i ask her crossing my arms.She laughs even harder and waves her hand at me.'ill tell you later love' she ends with that and skates off.

I chase her around goofing off!,but my manager's don't notice.........that's the good part!All the 5 boys including what i think are they're girlfriends are already skating but some are just leaning on the railings.As i pay attention to them i accidentally bump into something hard and fall twisting my ankle and almost busting my head open!!!The people around me tend to notice but they don't.:(...................owwww

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