winter affection.

Julissa Parker is a full time worker for an ice skating rink at homes chapel.It's winter!and the lights are up for a little ride,,,,but it's Christmas eve which is one of the most busiest night of the year for them.As she works she notices one of teenage boys looking at her from out of no where.She gets a feeling but is too scared to tell,until she bumps into him in person and from there starts the affection.


2. these winter days.

Julissa's P.O.V


I wake up shivering and trembling thinking to myself.'why didn't i put the heater on before falling into a nap?'.I eventually run it off my head and just put it on.As i turn on the turbo heater,my mother walks in with a jug in her hand and the other one full of mail i guess.'hey babe' she says sitting on my bed and putting down her jug.'hey mum' i answer back with a squeal.She smiles back at me and i just fall into her arms and hug her tightly.I finally pull back and when i see her face it's full of laughter and confusion.

'what is it?'i ask as i furrow my eyebrows.She laughs even more but she stares at me and i have a feeling that it has something to do with my face.So i get up from the covers and check my mirror.When i see my face i see nothing i just see the same old me.

I turn back at her and get confused.'it has nothing to do with your face' she says with her lower lip hanging out.'then what is it?i want to know' i demand and get a little annoyed now.'ok ok calm down babe,it's just i remember your when you were little and every time you ran up to me and hugged me with soft arms and look at you!!!big girl already, graduated with honors.You don't know how proud i am of you babe' she says with a happy frown.

I smile to her and hug her again and this time with love for the best mum ever i have to say.'thanks mum,for always being there for me in the hardest times that i possibly could have never gotten over without the help of your love' i dig my head in her hair and close my eyes.


I make my way to the kitchen when i find my two baby brothers Nathan,and Noah already eating there Gerber on the high chair.I smile and go sit next to them.'hey baby's!,how did the most handsome baby boy's sleep last night?'i ask with a squeal and with some tickles to their soft stomachs.

My mum walks over to me with a big plate of bacon,omelet,and hash brown accompanied by a cup of hot cocoa.'thanks mum'i  says with a slight smile.I start eating my freshly made food and pick up the newspaper."homes chapel best ice skating rink opened on Christmas eve!!better get that money saving and get those friends coming so that you can have fun for a low price'.

I sigh and know that on Christmas eve it's one of the busiest nights of my life!!!...........and the thing is that it closes late too!almost at 12:00a.m.I have to supervise the rink and make sure that if someone falls i help them get up or ask if they're ok.


I decide to call my best friend Mackenzie.


'hey love!'i shout out as if happy to hear her voice.

'hey babe!!!................whats up?'

'oh nothing i just wanted to know if you wanted to come with me tomorrow night to the rink and help me out.'

It takes a moment for her to reply with a sigh.

'yeah sure'

'are you sure?................i'll ask someone else if you have plans'

'no it's ok,i just sighed because this is the first time i get to be out in winter and im just sad and happy' i get quiet and confused.'well ok thnx.................i'll call you when im ready tomorrow!!'i tell her with a smile but inside i feel like if she didn't really wanna go.

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