winter affection.

Julissa Parker is a full time worker for an ice skating rink at homes chapel.It's winter!and the lights are up for a little ride,,,,but it's Christmas eve which is one of the most busiest night of the year for them.As she works she notices one of teenage boys looking at her from out of no where.She gets a feeling but is too scared to tell,until she bumps into him in person and from there starts the affection.


1. prologue




Some nights i ever wonder if i would have that one lucky guy in my heart who will love me for who i am,and not for my looks or how pretty smile....................

But then again the same guy who bought you a diamond ring or took you out on a date several months ago to the Caribbean, might be doing the same to another girl.So im afraid of getting hurt and i just keep things the way they are.It's that time of year when you see the couples fall on the ice on top of each other and for moments stare at each other,but then the lovebirds finally kiss to the half moon lighting their spotlight.So it's pretty sad to be a lonely girl.:(

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