winter affection.

Julissa Parker is a full time worker for an ice skating rink at homes chapel.It's winter!and the lights are up for a little ride,,,,but it's Christmas eve which is one of the most busiest night of the year for them.As she works she notices one of teenage boys looking at her from out of no where.She gets a feeling but is too scared to tell,until she bumps into him in person and from there starts the affection.


3. Christmas eve!!

Julissa's P.O.V


It's christmas eve and i've already got my heavy polyester jacket and my boots,etc. Just as i get ready to bathe my mum walks in again.'hey babe were you about to bathe?','yeah' i reply with narrowed eyes.'oh ok i'll talk to you later then' she nods and makes her way out the door.What did she really want?

When i get out the shower,i see the door half opened and i start to get worried.'MUM!!!' i shout out with my wet hair tips dripping water on my breasts and on the carpet.I wait for 2 minutes and then she quickly comes barging in.'what is it babe?' she asked scared and startled.'oh umm why is my door half opened?,i thought you closed it afterward!' she examines the door and then turns back to me 'i did!!!unless one of your baby brothers came in crawling and left it like that!' i get suspicious and just signal for her to leave............weird!


It's 6:30 p.m. and im making my way to the ice skating rink with mackenzie because well i have work! 'oh god Julissa,it's sad that you have to work on christmas eve!,we could be drinking hot cocoa with our parents or watching the polar express.' she starts to regret this and i feel her because i also didn't want to come but you know i still gotta earn some money! and you never know that something fun might happen!

When me and mackenzie get to the rink we pass the pizza place and i had totally forgotten that mackenzie loves pizza,if she see's it which she did! she won't leave without a piece! 'hey julissa umm im gonna go use the bathroom in the pizza place' she wants to lie now huh?

I stare at her with a face that makes her notice i ain't stupid and i know she wants it badly now! 'there's no need to lie!!!!just go in there and when your done come back to the rink and no where else please!' i shout out and she nods skipping her way to the door.I start to laugh and think to myself.-what would i do without her?-

As i reach the entrance of the rink i see the big line of people waiting to go in and since its 6:55 p.m. we open in about 5 minutes.I go in and change into a red fat leather vest under my some jeans,and skates.I wear a beanie,gloves,and a scarf.The temperature outside is freezing and it causes me more protective gear to be outside until 12:00!!!!



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