the unexpected 2

This continued the story The unexpected and is written for a reader than wanted more of the story.So unless you read the first book..this wont make any sense to you.


1. The concert

During the concert, every song Niall sang, in the concert he locked eyes with me during the whole time he looked at me and me only with the sparkling blue eyes of his.I still cant believe that the guy that I fell for online is actually the Niall Horan from one direction. During the whole concert i thought to myself "Haha this cant be true I must be dreaming" 

When the song kiss you was about to end, he came down and lifted me up to the stage and finish the song with a soft kiss on my cheeks. The audience was confused for a moment while slowly they started to cheer.The stage lights suddenly shut and Niall held me close to him that i could feel his warm skin pressed against mine. Suddenly beneath us it shifted and we were under the stage and Niall knew what he was doing and started walking while holding my hand. I couldn't believe it, his hand was larger than mine and was holding on tightly as if he will never let me go. I follow him and didnt questioned where we were going.

When we came to a stop I looked around and found the other members Zayn, Liam,Harry and Louis and their manager Simon Cowell were all looking at me. I wanted to hide behind Niall they were looking at me and i didn't want my boyfriend's best friend's first impression of me as the girl in blue. Niall seems to know me so well and said "Hey guys this is my new girlfriend Tulip, she didn't judge me by my fame or name and I love her more than anything in the world."

Harry stared at me in the eyes and without any word stormed away. Zayn quickly replied with a smile"Dont worry about him he is just having a bad day today i'm sure in the future he will treat you with respect like we do"

Liam smiled and said "Hey nice to meet you i'm Liam but i'm sure you know that already right?"

I laughed and replied "Yes i know all of you guys,and your songs are so awsome."

Louis looked at me and whispered in my ear "Take care of Niall! And a secret between us is that Niall judging that he introduced you to us,you are very important to him"

Niall looked at us suspiciously and asked "What are you guys talking about? Tulip want to tell me?" I had a mischievous smile on my face and remained silent 

The manager Simon Cowell just looked at us and said "Dont make this relationship into a mess okay?"

The rest of left me and Niall inside a room for ourself and to give us some space. Niall smiled at me and i looked at him and he softly kissed me on the mouth and i kissed him back.

Niall stopped and asked me "So what do you think about the guy that never told you his name?'

I replied "I was kind of angry that he made me wear all blue which made me had a bad impression on his friends. Not only that he didnt greet me at the front door that i was depressed for the whole beginning of the concert" Niall's blue eyes stared at me asking for forgiveness and i smiled and kissed his lips.

There was a knock on the door but since we didn't hear it at first, then comes another knock and we realized it was time for us to part ways. Niall told me "We will keep in touch online okay?" I nodded puting forward my fake im-okay smile.

Just like that we were forced to part ways...for now....

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