Broken and Confused (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Belle is just a normal girl. She had boy drama and she has memories that will never go away. Memories that scared her life. But what happens when Belle meets two boys that makes her forget about her past? What happens if she starts falling for one?


6. Chapter 6


Niall's P.O.V.

Honestly, if a girl can eat more than me...I think I must like her! Wait.....what?

I think I'm in love with Belle James....


Belle'a P.O.V.

We were on our way home from the best night ever. I noticed we passed my street.

"Niall, where are we going?"

"My flat."


"Unless you want to go home."

"No,no. It's fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." I said smiling at him. Honestly, I did want to go home. I would love to hang out with him, but my hormones are going crazy with him. I don't know if I want to have feelings with Niall. He doesn't like me. Maybe I shouldn't of kissed him again today. Maybe he didn't feel anything like I did. I felt, I don't even know.

Once we reached Niall's flat, Niall stopped the car and faced me.

"Belle, you don't have to stay."

"I don't know what u want right now." I mumbled under my breath. In knew he heard me but I didn't want him too.

"Let's go home." He starts the car again but I stopped him.

"Stop! I want to, Niall."

"Belle, no you don't. And it's okay."

I hesitated to say stop but I really, kinda wanted to stay with him. Before he started to drive, I opened the car door and almost jumped out until he grabbed my arm.


"What are you doing!"

"I told you, I want to stay."

He huffed and and pulls back in while the door was still open.

"Can you just tell me when you want to leave?"

"Yes." My gut told me to leave but my heart told me to stay. I followed my heart hoping I made the right decision.

What an I doing with myself. He's a Popstar! Why would he like ME. I live in England and my mom can't afford anything right now. I was abused by dad and X boyfriend, and hurt by everyone who didn't care. The only people who care about me is Madison. Niall just feels sorry.

I got out of the car with tears in my eyes. It was dark so he couldn't see me. I quickly whipped them away before he got out of the car.

"NIALL! back so so- oh hi. You must be Belle." Who was this and how did he know my name? Oh wait... Is that that crazy kid from One Direction?

"Hi." I said looking at Niall. Niall looked mad at the boy.

"Louis...what are you doing here." So his name was Louis.

"Um, Harry forgot his phone so we came back and got it. We were just leaving. Bye." With that, he was gone. But who's Harry?

"HARRY!" Niall yelled as we walked inside.

"Shit.' I heard from upstairs.

"Hey Niall. How's my favorite leprechaun! I was ju- hi." His attention came across to me.

"Hi." I said looking towards the ground. Niall got the point that I didn't want to see anybody else.

"Leave, Harry."

"Whyy! So you and Belle can have fun? I want to have fun to!" What the hell! Niall wanted to have fun? And again, how did he know my name!

"Get out!" Niall screamed while Harry raced out the door.

"Sorry about that."

"Mhm." I really wanted to go home now. He just wanted to use me as a sex toy. I should've known.

"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked disturbing my thoughts.


"What's wrong, Belle?"

"Nothing. Just tried." Tired. The best lie I always say. I'm tired. It really means I'm confused, broken, thinking to much, or all of above.

He shook it off and carried he bridal style to the couch. I giggled and so did he.

We ended up watching 'Scary Movie 3' the funniest movie of all times.

I ended up cuddled up into Niall's chest. He was warm. We cracked up laughing though out the movie before I got really tired.

I tired to keep my eyes peeled open but every second they seemed to get heavier and heavier until I closed them.

I fell asleep in the middle of the movie, cuddled up to him.


Niall's P.O.V.

I was having a fun time with her. It got to the point she was cuddling up to me. Soon after the movie started, she feel asleep like that. I finished the movie before carrying her to my bed. She didn't wake up so I pulled the covered over her and walked out.

As I got comfortable in the couch, I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up to screaming.

I shot up off the couch and ran towards my bedroom.

"Belle! Belle wake up!" I yelled and shook her while she was shaking and sweating. She shot up and threw herself at me.

She began to cry into my shirt. What happened?


Belle's P.O.V.

"Get back here you slut and give me what I want." He said with a giggle that made me get goosebumps all over my body.

"Just leave me alone, Niall! Please, you done want to do this!!"

"Oh yes I do, Belle. I want you..." He said ripping off my shirt.

"Stop!!!" He didn't stop. I started kicking and punching. He wanted to rape me!

"Stop kicking! And save your voice for yelling my name. I find that sexy." I didn't stop screaming or kicking.


"Belle! Belle wake up!" I jumped out of my bed to find it was only a dream. Harry's comment never left my mind about Niall wanting to have 'fun'. I jumped into Niall's arms and cried into his shirt.

What was I doing! He wanted to rape me! I backed away from him until I was in the other side of the bed.

He gave me a confused look.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Belle." Ya right. He started to come near me but I jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

"Belle! Open up!" I heard on the other side of the door. I stayed quite as I cried. I found myself in the bathtub and brought my knees up to my chest.

I turned the nob on for the water to fall over me. I didn't care if it was too cold or too hot. I wanted to leave. Right now.

"Belle?" I heard him say before I heard the door open. I didn't look up. My face was in between my knees. I felt strong arms pick me up and carried me somewhere I had no intension in going.

I looked around and found out he placed me on the kitchen counter. He left me there and came back with a towel. He wrapped it around me and stayed like that. I looked over at the microwave and saw it was 3:18 in the morning. Great.

"What happened?" He asked me minutes later. I shrugged my shoulders not wanting to speak.

"Can you take me home, please." He looked very upset. Like he was about to cry.

"Mhm." I saw a tear roll down his flushed cheeks. I felt like I killed a puppy.

"Never mind." I said before making my way upstairs back to bed. I didn't car if I was wet.

"What?" Niall asked running behind me.

"I said never mind." I said not looking at him.

"Oh." I heard a sniffle and then arms around me. I gave in and placed my arms around his waist. He was much taller than me. He picked me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist instead of my arms.

He leaned in and kissed me. I felt like he put everything he had in the kiss but I couldn't tell. I kissed him back. His lips were impossible to resist.

We kept kissing until I felt a tongue slip into my mouth, exploring. Our tongues played with each other until he pulled away.

"Are you sure your okay?"

"Yes." I said giving him a smile.

"Okay" he said before returning the make-out session again. This time I pulled away.

"Can I ask you something?" I was about to express my feelings to him. After the dream, I felt dead. I needed to know if he feels the same way.

"Not if I can't first." I nodded.

He placed he down on his bed and held my hands in his.

"Belle, I know I only meet you for 3 days, but I think in have feelings for you..." I stopped him by kissing him.

That was all I needed to hear.

I pulled away.

"I do too. Niall, I think I love you..." I heard his breath increase.

"I think I love you too." I wanted him to ask me out already!

"Belle," this is it!

"What was your dream about?" Dammit.

"You." I hardly whispered. He removed his hands from me and hugged me.

I felt his tears fall into my wet shirt.

"I'm sorry." Was all he said. We stayed like that for a while.

He pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

"Belle, would you be my girlfriend?"

I looked him in the eyes with love and passion.

"Niall, I would love to." I said before kissing him passionately.



Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes. I'm rushing so you guys can read it.(: 

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