Broken and Confused (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Belle is just a normal girl. She had boy drama and she has memories that will never go away. Memories that scared her life. But what happens when Belle meets two boys that makes her forget about her past? What happens if she starts falling for one?


3. Chapter 3


Belle's P.O.V.

"Niall Horan..." 

"WHAT?!!" I knew it.... 

"The person you just saw right there..." She got off the couch and was pacing back and forth. I just stood there laughing. 

"What, how, when?" She finally asked me. 

"Madison, sit down. Okay, this I what happened..." 


"...and after that, we came back here."  

She just sat there with her jaw dropped to the floor.  

"You have to let me meet him!!!" 

She said standing up and pulling me into the kitchen. 

"Haha, okay. So not to be rude, but what are you doing here?" I asked while walking to the fridge. 

"I came by to give you these..." That's when she handed me tickets to...Ireland.  

"OH MY GOSH!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!" I yelled while looking at the tickets. How did she get the money for this? 

"How did you pay for these!! There like 200 per ticket!! 

"Me and your mum..." 

"Omg!! Thank you SOOO much Madison!!" I yelled again while bringing her into one of my famous 'Belle hugs'.  

"Your welcome. But thank your mum too!" She said while giggling. 

I pulled away and smiled at her before I ran upstairs to find my mum. 

"Mum!!!" I screamed while reaching her bedroom door. 

"In here!" She screamed from behind the doors of Alex's bedroom. 

"Mum, thank you soo much!" I said walking into Alex's room. Mum was kissing her goodnight while stroking her hair out of her face. It was nice. 

"Oh. Sorry." I said while walking up to the bed. I put my arm around my mum and out my head on hers.  

"She was crying..." Those words broke my heart. Alex really never cries unless its something heartbreaking.  

"About what?" I asked. I was expecting a different answer. 

"Dad." She said while putting her head on the edge if the bed. She took my hand in hers.  

"I'm sorry Belle. I'm sorry you have to deal with this for the rest of your life." 

"Mum, stop. You tried you best to save me. Nobody's perfect. I'm just thankful that I'm alive and have a wonderful life still." I said while smiling. Really, my life could be better, but I'm in the way of it all. 

"Anyways, what's up." She said sitting up and whipped the tears underneath her eyes.  

"I wanted to say thank you for the Ireland tickets."  

"Ohh. Your welcome, babe. You are leaving in a week." 

"What? What do you mean 'you'? You and Alex are coming too...right?" 

"Nope. Just you and Madison." My heart broke thinking I'm going to be away from my family for the rest of the summer.  


"Belle, Alex is only 8 and its a lot of work." 

"It is because of money..." I aksed. 

"That too." She hardly whispered. 

In handed her back the tickets.  

"Mum, the house needs it more then me to be happy." 

"No. Belle, you are going. There's no refunds, so your going." I felt selfish, but I knew I had to go. 

I hugged her and whispered 'Thank you' one last time before leaving the room. 

I walked down stairs to find Madison gone. There was a note on the coffee table.

"Sorry. I had to go. Mums being annoying. I'll text you later. (:"

I went back upstairs.

"Mum, can we watch a movie?" I asked.

"Sure. You pick and I'll be down in a minute."

I raced back down stairs and grabbed 'we bought a zoo'. Soon enough later, she was already on the couch ready to watch the film.  


Throughout 3 quarters though the movie, my mum crashed on the couch. I turned off the tv and went upstairs to get ready for bed. I was about to go into the bathroom until I got a text message.

From:unknown number

"Hey beautiful! Just wanted to say goodnight again. I had a blast tonight.  

-Your charming BFF (Niall) xx"

I smiled to myself before typing.

"Thanks Niall. I had an amazing birthday today. I'll see you tomorrow! 

-Your beautiful BFF (Belle) xxx"

He really knew how to make me feel better. 

I went to the bathroom and took my make-up off and washed my face. Then I brushed my teeth and walked out.

I got dressed into shorts and a T-shirt and fell onto my bed...smiling.  

I sat there for about 20 minutes before I realized I can't sleep. I Facetimed Niall.

Niall's P.O.V.

After that amazing night with Belle, I was on my way home. She just stayed in my mind the whole walk home. When I reached the front step to my flat, I was smiling like crazy. I was thinking about tonight. The ice cream and the way she called me cute and charming. Nobody made me feel like this before. I'm not the kind of guy who chases after girls. In other words I'm not a player. 

I walked inside of my flat and went straight into the kitchen. I grabbed a bag of chips and walked upstairs. Once I got the the room, I put the bag of chips down and walked into the bathroom. I took a shower.  


I just got out of the steaming how and toasty shower. It felt amazing to be clean.  

I still couldn't get Belle out of my head! I texted her.


"Hey beautiful! Just wanted to say goodnight again. I had a blast tonight.  

-Your charming BFF (Niall) xx"

I sent it and walked over to bed. It didn't take long for Belle to reply.


"Thanks Niall. I had an amazing birthday today. I'll see you tomorrow! 

-Your beautiful BFF (Belle) xxx"

I like it how when I give her a complement, she doesn't say how much she thinks its not true. She is really beautiful and I'm glad to see her say it as well.

I laid in bed. Just thinking about tonight...again. It felt like I was in a whole different world. I finally found somebody who liked me for Niall Horan. Not the blonde and Irish one from One Direction. It felt good.

My phone started to ring, interrupting me from my thoughts.

FaceTime call from: Belle(BFF)

I look like a mess right now. But I can't sleep. I answer it. It said connecting. When her face appeared, she looked like she has been crying.

"Belle, what's wrong?" I asked concerned. I sat up trying to focus on get face.

"What? Nothing. Nothing is wrong. I'm perfectly fine. Everything's fine." She sounded a little bit too obvious. 


"Fine. Nothing fine!" 

"What happened. Do you want me to come over?" 

"No no no, it's just, a while ago, my dad..." She stopped. She took a deep breath and continued. 

"My dad did something." 

"What did he do, Belle?" I asked encouraging her to go on. 

"He abused me and my lil sister. As well as my mum." 

After she said that, I put my shoes on and threw my jumper over my head. I grabbed my keys and was on my way to Belle's house.

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