Little Things.

For Movellas 1SHOT41D contest.


1. One Shot.

Little Things- Louis Tomlinson

"Hurry up!" Louis yelled, and pounded on the bathroom door. His girlfriend Grace was inside brushing her teeth and she had been there for the last half an hour. It was valentines day and Louis had planned a special outing for the both of them.

"I'm busy." She shouted, her voice sounded strained. Louis frowned, that's not like Grace. She would usually reply with some witty comment about him getting lost or about him being hypocritical.

"Grace?" He frowned, and there was no reply. "Grace!" Louis then yelled, and banged harder on the door. He started to get worried, Louis had noticed her being a bit mopey recently. It's valentines day and he wanted her to be her perky normal-self.

He heard Grace sigh, "go away." She muttered, and Louis winced at the broken voice of his beloved girlfriend.

"Graceypoos?" Louis used the name he had called her as a child. Grace didn't reply, "I'm coming in!" He shrieked, and twisted the lock with a useful 2p he had in his pocket. Louis' eyes widened, Grace was on the floor sobbing with the laptop on her lap, "love? What is it?"

"Hate." She murmered, looking at the floor. Louis pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead, "I'm sorry." Grace whispered, brushing away a tear that bounced onto the floor.

"It's alright to cry babe," Louis chuckled fondly, "but it's not alright that my fans send you hate, and Im' sorry for that. You're perfect to me and I love you, please don't listen to those Directionators."

Grace smiled gratefully at her loving boyfriend, thinking not for the first time about how lucky she was to have him. Funnily enough, Louis was thinking the exact same thing about her.

"You can't go to bed without your cup of-" He started singing his verse from Little Things that had been dedicated to her, and she closed her eyes, and fell asleep in his arms to the sound of him singing.



Note: If you like this and fan me, I'll be sure to do the same for you/your stories. Thank you very much for reading, I'm really grateful. Love you xx

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