Undercover Love

Liam Payne may be in a world famous band, but thats not all he does. The lads know nothing of what he does when he disapears for long periods of time.Liam Payne.......is a spy. He has found that maintaining these two jobs can be quite difficult, but what makes it even more complicated is when he has to balance a new job as well......keeping his emotions out of his spy life. He starts to fall for a girl he meets while undercover and gets trapped in his own lies. Will he dig his way out, or fall under the pressure.


4. Top Secret

           " So boys now that you two have delayed our meeting for about ten minutes I think that it is time that we get on with the buisiness at hand. Agent Horan if you will please step across the hall with Agent Brown he will tell you about the mission at hand that you will be attending to. As for you Agent Payne. Take a look at page four paraghraph two sub-section A." As I looked over the words that Simon had told me to look at I was in shock when i found out where i was going to for this mission. Back to America! " "Simon umm dont you think that people are going to start wondering why i keep going to America without the Lads and then they will start asking questions and rumors will get around...." " well you are going to have to try to stay on the sly side this time because you are going on a top secret mission for the agency and this is vital that you complete this mission."  "Ok simon I'm ready to find out  what it is that I'm doing." "well Agent Payne you are going to be trailing a man who has been suspected of following people from the airport, then cornering them and torturing them and leaving them to die. It may not be the most safe mission, but is is vital that you stop this man and bring him back....... Dead or Alive." I gulped  when i heard him say that it may not be the most safe job that here is becuse the last time he said that i ended up coming home with a broken arm, a fractured rib, and a three inch long cut going down my side. I didn't want to repeat that again but if thats what it took to help save those innocent people then that is exactly the risk i was willing to take.




                                                                                        Nialls point of view:

                     After I ran into Liam and we discovered that we were both working as spies at the same agency in London,I was escorted to another breifing room opposite the one that Liam was in with Simon. Right now I was going over my instuctions and precedurs for the new mission I had been assigned. " Agent  Horan! are you paying attention toa single word that I'm saying?" I snapped to attention. " Yes Sir!" " If you were listening then what did I just tell you?" He raised his eyebrows. " You told me that I was to stay close to the outskirts of the town and only go into the city when I had to unless I was trailing the man that you told me about." I was smirking to myself when he clearly got disheartened at the thought of not being able to report me to Simon again. Dang! A guy falls asleep one time during breifing and he is labeled for life! Just then there was a kock at the door and a fairly familiar guy walks in the door. It wasn't until he looks up that i realize who it waz. "Zayn!" "Hey mate! what are you doing here?"  "I was about to ask you the exact same thing!" " I work here!" "No way!" " Yeah and apparently Liam does too because i bumped into him a few minutes ago and we had like the exact conversation that we just had!"  just then there was an all call for Agent Malik throughout the whole Agency so he had to go. "Well that conclludes our meeting. Please go join your friend in the hallway for a moment while we get your paperwork ready. Goodbye Agent Horan." I walked out the door to meet Liam.

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