Undercover Love

Liam Payne may be in a world famous band, but thats not all he does. The lads know nothing of what he does when he disapears for long periods of time.Liam Payne.......is a spy. He has found that maintaining these two jobs can be quite difficult, but what makes it even more complicated is when he has to balance a new job as well......keeping his emotions out of his spy life. He starts to fall for a girl he meets while undercover and gets trapped in his own lies. Will he dig his way out, or fall under the pressure.


7. Note:

 Hey guys! i know that last chapter was really short and it SUCKED but i promise i willl try to update more soon! my ipod got taken away because it shattered and its at the shop so im having to use the computer and it REALLY slow and im never home to use it. So thanks for staying with me! and haopoy late easter!!!!

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