Undercover Love

Liam Payne may be in a world famous band, but thats not all he does. The lads know nothing of what he does when he disapears for long periods of time.Liam Payne.......is a spy. He has found that maintaining these two jobs can be quite difficult, but what makes it even more complicated is when he has to balance a new job as well......keeping his emotions out of his spy life. He starts to fall for a girl he meets while undercover and gets trapped in his own lies. Will he dig his way out, or fall under the pressure.


6. Discovery

                                                                                             No ones POV

Harry and louis stood there with appalled expressions which soon turned to anger as the other three boys were trying to explain what happened. They were having a bit of trouble as they couldnt reval the secret of them being agents.


                                                                                      Louis POV

 " Boys could you describe what the man looked like?"  I though that if they described him i might could tell Paul and we could go looking for the men who did this. " well he was a big man with short brown hair and big mucles kind of like the kind of man that works out way to much." , Niall said. The other boys looked at him like he needed to shut up and it kind of made me a bit wary of the sitation. It was as if they were hiding something." Harry could i speak with you i the kitchen for a moment please?' "Sure mate." We walked into the kitchen after telling the boys to go clean themselves up. "What is is Louis?" "Well by the description Niall gave us it sounded like it was Nick King." Harry looked at me as if i was insane. "but i thought we locked him up last year!"  " if im correct then he got out early." , I said.  I pushed a button on the bottom of the window that looked like a nail and the screen moved up in front of the glass. This was our spy computer where the Agency's database was stored. I typed in the alleged attackers name and hit "search". "yep it says here that he had a second trial and was  found not guilty of the murder of those two agents in Bermuda last year." Harry looked at the screen and then agreed with me. We walked back out into the living room to check on the boys.





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