Undercover Love

Liam Payne may be in a world famous band, but thats not all he does. The lads know nothing of what he does when he disapears for long periods of time.Liam Payne.......is a spy. He has found that maintaining these two jobs can be quite difficult, but what makes it even more complicated is when he has to balance a new job as well......keeping his emotions out of his spy life. He starts to fall for a girl he meets while undercover and gets trapped in his own lies. Will he dig his way out, or fall under the pressure.


5. Agent Project

                                                                                        Liam's point of view


So we both got out into the hallway after our meetings, both wondering what each others assignments were for the new missions. We knew we weren't supposed to ask but it was hard not to. You see no agent was supposed to know what another agents assignment was unless they were both in the Agent Project. The Agent Project was an assignment where more than one agents was involved in the same assignment because maybe one of them was in training or was about to get a higher position, or if the mission was too dangerous for just one agent. Some people didn't even know they had more than one person involved in their project until they had already started and flown to the location and they happen to run into their partner and them they find out. This hadn't ever happened to me before and i was glad it hadn't because that would me quite strange to discover that. I was knocked out of my thoughts as I heard Niall say "Hey mate did you know that Zayn works here too?" "I didn't until just a minute ago when they did  an all call for him through the whole Agency." "Me neither. Its a bit strange don't you think? Hey next it's gonna be Harry or Louis coming through the doors! Aye though it's not like they could ever keep the secret of being a spy though knowing them!" " yeah!" 



                                                                                     Harry's Point of view


 "I wonder where they could be at?" Louis was pacing around our flat and looking nervously at the clock. " Those three have been gone for ages and they aren't even together! Something could have happened to them! They've never been out this long by themselves before! It'll be dark soon and they won't be home! Harry I'm so worried about them!" I'm about to get aggravated at the boys for making us worry this much and Paul would be out there soon if we didn't hear from them and that exactly what we need!  "Sarcasm much Harry?" Ah bloody hell! I must have been thinking out loud again. " You know you arent very good at thinking inside your head when you're worried Harry." "Oh shut it Louis!" Louis looked very hurt so I went over to him and hugged him and apologized. "It's okay Harry I know you are just very worried abut them. I am too." At that time Zayn and Liam walked in with blood covering them. " Oh my Gosh!!!!!!! What happened to you guys and where is Niall?" About the time the boys started to explain Niall walked in bloody as well with an obvious lump starting to form  on his head." Niall!" We rushed over to all three of our badly injured friends and stared firing questions at them. What happened   Where have you been! We've been worried sick! Are you okay? Who did this? " The boys all explained that they had met each other at a resturaunt so they were walking out together and a man came up to them and told them that they had better get home in the next three minutes or there would be trouble. They of course didn't think anything of it and kept an walking so the got beat up and drug around to a park and left there after being beaten. WE stood there in shock as they finished their story.

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