Undercover Love

Liam Payne may be in a world famous band, but thats not all he does. The lads know nothing of what he does when he disapears for long periods of time.Liam Payne.......is a spy. He has found that maintaining these two jobs can be quite difficult, but what makes it even more complicated is when he has to balance a new job as well......keeping his emotions out of his spy life. He starts to fall for a girl he meets while undercover and gets trapped in his own lies. Will he dig his way out, or fall under the pressure.


1. New Mission

                                                                                   Chapter one    


       "Hey lads!" "Hey Liam whats up?" "Nothing just about to head out for a bit with Niall" The room got quiet as everyone stared at Liam. "Mate Niall isn't here", said Louis. Liam blushed and started talking very fast. "Umm well I meant to say I came down to see if Niall wanted to come out with me but I guess he isn't here." Harry looks at him strange but says " well okay do you want us to go with you"? "No actually its a surprise for you guys from us and so you can't come." The boys start bouncing up and down and run over to Liam and start saying" What is it! What is it!", like a bunch of three year olds. Liam just smiles that smile and shakes his head and hurries out the door. As soon as he was out in the car he breathed out and thought to himelf, "Man that was a close one". Liam wasn't really going to get the lads a surprise though, he was headed to the W.E.B. headquarters because unlike any of his fellow bandmates knew, Liam Payne... is a spy. He is the top spy and was headed to the agency now to get his next mission.

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