Valentines Date

The theme is about the prize. Emma and Cece have been dating One Direction members; Liam Payne andHarry Styles, for 2 years now. What will happen on this Valentines double date?


2. Waking Up Engaged

My eyes fluttered open as I woke up. I looked around the room. The closet door was open, and so were the curtains and window. The sunlight was blinding. I felt Harry stir beside me and I turned to face him. His eyelashes swished and then his beautiful eyes opened.
"Good morning beautiful" his raspy sexy voice whispered.
" morning hazza" I replied. He kissed my cheek. "You missed" I said. He smiled and kissed my lips passionately. We pulled apart and he smiled at me widely. "Now that's a good morning kiss" I whispered as I was out of breath.
" So how does it feel?" Harry asked me. I scrunched my face up confused. I guess he could tell I was confused because he lifted my hand towards my face and I remembered. Well the big diamond ring reminded me. I'm engaged!
" un describable. And that fact that I'm engaged to you makes it even better. But when is the wedding going to be held?" I asked him as a thousand questions ran through my mind, all about the wedding.
" I was thinking 2 months" he said. Wow. Wasn't expecting that answer.
" how on earth am I going to get the perfect dress within 2 months! That's so soon, and besides, you'll be on tour in 8 days. Oh gawd." Realisation hit me as soon as those words escaped my mouth. Harry and I were engaged, but he's leaving for 6 months in 8 days. I just about broke down right there. I burst into unstoppable tears and Harry picked me up and sat me in his lap in a straddle position as he rubbed my back and tried to soothe me. After half an hour or so I had calmed down. I hugged him tightly.

"You can't leave me, you can't, I love you..." I said into his chest. He hugged me tighter and kissed my neck before sighing.

" I know, and it's not so something I look forward too, but it's my job and I love it, it's my other half. My other half is you, " he said back. I knew he had to go, and I knew he loved his job, I did want him to go, but I was just disappointed at the moment.

" I can't stand it when you're gone, I miss you so much..." I said sighing.

" I know, I know " he said, " but I was thinking, I. 2 months from now ill be in Hawaii, and I've always wanted to have a wedding there, so if I told Simon, he would have to let you come, I mean, he's my boss and I'm his favourite" he finished. I laughed, he wasn't Simons favourite, they all were equally, but he didn't know that. But it doesn't matter because they won't let me come.

" they won't let me come" I said as I got up towards the closet. I shut the door, and wiped the falling tear off my cheek. I picked out a pair of white skinny jeans, grey uggs, a baby pink tank, and got changed. Once dressed I got out of the closet to see Harry gone. I walked out if the bedroom and towards the kitchen. I heard voices coming from the living room, he must be on the phone. I decided to go visit Emma. I scribbled a note saying where I was going, grabbed my phone, wallet, sunglasses, car keys and head out the door. I drove Liam's flat first figuring she would still be there. Once I got there I knocked on the door, and Liam answered topless. He smiled at me and yelled out to Emma.

" I figured you'd be here. And I'm guessing that you're going dress shopping.... Am I right?" He said. I gasped.

" damn boy!! How'd you know that?" I asked. He laughed.

"Both of our weddings Are in August, 2months away, just 2 weeks apart, and this mornings got yelled at for such short notice". He said I laughed as Emma walked by him and out the door to my car while yelling it is. I said bye and made my way to the car. I hopped in and turned the radio up to full blast like we always do. We began singing and dancing.
Emma's P.O.V

Harry had called 3 times on the way here, but Cc never answered. I was getting worried. Did they have a fight? Did she come to get away from him? Did he hit her? Then I thought that maybe she just didn't hear it since the music was so loud. We walked into Pink and went straight to the bras. We each grabbed about 20 of them, paid, and went to the food court. Neither of us had eaten. We sat at a table with a bagel and tea and Harry called. Again. She picked up her phone, looked at the caller ID and put it back in the purse. She had seen all those calls, she was ignoring him!

" what is up with you guys, he's called like 5 times and you've ignored all the calls." I said in a harsh voice. She looked surprised, but then spoke.

" I can't hear his voice. I'll break. I love him so much, and he just proposed to me . 8 days before he leaves for a 6 month tour. It just upset me, and I was crying all morning about it, and if I hear his voice ill break, and I don't want that to happen, especially in public." She said with a soft voice. I instantly regretted my harsh tone. I smiled soothingly at her and hugged her. We made our way back to the car making small chat about what style of dress we want. Then we made our way to the dress store!
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