Valentines Date

The theme is about the prize. Emma and Cece have been dating One Direction members; Liam Payne andHarry Styles, for 2 years now. What will happen on this Valentines double date?


1. Double Date, Double Love

Cece's P.O.V.
Ding Dong! The door! "Em, the door! They're here!" I called out to Emma. She quickly ran down the stairs and straight to the door. I moved next to her and opened the door. There stood Liam and Harry, both looking very handsome, and sexy. They smiled at us and Liam handed Emma flowers, while Harry handed some to me. They were white and red roses mixed. My favourite. Harry knew me so well. It was almost like he had to know every detail about me before he could actually date me. We grabbed their hands and they escorted us to the car. I sat in the passenger seat beside Harry, who was driving, and Emma sat in the back with Liam. I turned to Harry. "Still not gonna tell mewnere we're going?" I asked him. He turned towards me, smiled, shook his head, and planted a sweet kiss on my lips.
The boys told us to dress nice, but not over the top fancy. Me and Emma were wearing thigh length flowy cream dresses, different of course, but the same type of style. The car ride to the restaurant consisted of us screaming the lyrics to the songs on the radio out of pitch purposely. We were in the middle of singing Thrift Shop when I noticed that the car had stopped. I looked out the window. The sun had just about set, and we were in a parking lot. Past the pavement and far into the field was a large oak tree, with a candlelit path towards it. At the root of the tree was a blanket with a picnic basket surrounded by candles. I turned to look at Harry and he smiled.

"Do you like it" Hary asked us. I looked back at Emma and we shared the same facial expression.

"We love it!" She replied to Harry, her voice obvioulsy letting us know she was excited. Before I knew it my door had opened a d Harry's hand was outstretched in front of me. I grabbed it and pulled myself out of the car. I closed my door as did Emma, and the boys escorted us towards the picnic. Liam and Emma began to walk down the path while Harry held me back for a minute so he could talk to me. Once they were out of hearing distance, he kissed my neck lightly and then started his speech.

" Cece, we've been together for only 2 years, and I know that isn't very long but to me it feels like forever. I've connected to you in everyway that I can. I know everything bout you and I've tried so hard to make you happy for the past two years. You always tell me that your so happy just by being with me, but I always want to add a little sparkle so you know that I really do care. I love you so much, more than I've ever loved anyone before, and always will. I know it's only been 2 years but I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. You make me so happy, and when I'm on tour it kills me that you're not with me, but when I hear your voice on the phone, it brightens me up right away. I wanna be able to hear that voice everyday, to be able to wake up to your beautiful face. To raise my kids with you." He began. As he spoke, more and more tears streamed down my face. He paused, and wiped the falling tears of my face. He then got down on one knee. My heart just about stopped. I gasped and clamped my hand overly mouth. " I guess what I'm really trying to say is, Emma Pixie Gallant, will you marry me?" I started to bawl, I was so shocked I couldn't even speak. I nodded my head and he smiled and stood. He slipped the ring on my finger and gave me a tight hug. When we pulled apart, he wiped the tears off my face, and took me to the picnic.

When we arrived at tree, I looked to see Emma's tear stained face. When she noticed me, she stood up and ran up to me and into my arms. "What's wrong love?" I asked her. She looked up at me, smiled, and showed me her hand. On her finger stood an engagement ring. I gasped. I then showed her mine. We smiled at each other and started jumping up and down. Once we remembered our soon-to-be husbands were watching us we calmed down.

The rest of the date went really well. We danced in the candle-lit filed, ate Nandos (Niall's choice) with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. We finished off by an epic watergun fight. Then we cleaned it up and made our way back to the car. I was staying at Harry's tonight, and Emma at Liam's. We dropped them off at Liam's flat and then drive to Harry's. once arrived we brought everything in and then made our way to the bedroom. I stayed at Harry's flat a lot so half of his closet was full of my clothes. I picked out some roots sweats with a shirt that read "keep calm and love Harry" . I put on my sweats and shirt, scrunching it up a little so a strip of my waist showed. I hung my dress up and walked out of the closet to find Harry laying on the bed in nothing but his boxers. He gave me a flirty smile. I climbed in next to him and draped the comforter over top of us. I turned so I was facing his chest. I nuzzled my face against his chest while his head rested on mine. He gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"Goodnight Emmers, I love you" he whispered into my neck. I smiled to myself.

" night Harry, I love you too" I replied. I close my eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.
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