By My Side

Anya and Arianna Sexxi are complete opposites and yet are the closest sisters you'll ever meet. Being only two years apart, they do everything together including working at Jack Wills, an overpriced clothing store. This year they travel to London and work as seasonairres there. As they make their first real delivery Arianna, being as clumsy as usual, falls on top of a familiar face, Harry Styles. As the two get closer, Anya breaks out of her shell and gets closer to Niall Horan. Everything flows smoothly until tragedy strikes the two sisters and they get a call from the hospital saying that there mother is dying. Will the girls choose love over family and stay in London with the boys? Or will they fly back home and catch their mother in her last moments?


1. "Falling" Into Love

Arianna's POV

"Don't drop that box Arianna!" My holder sister Anya pleaded. I wouldn't Blame her for being so paranoid, I am very clumsy.
"Oh please! Would it kill you to at least have some faith in me?" I chuckled as I lifted yet another box from the company truck.

Anya walked ahead of me out of the truck and into the studio with her own box. This was our first delivery since we arrived here in London last month. My sister and I work at Jack Wills in London as of now. We've traveled all the way from our home in Newport, Rhode Island where we got our first job at the Jack Wills there. You see we work as seasonairres, meaning we travel to different Jack Wills stores around the world each season and work there until the next season arrives. This time we get to spend the summer here in beautiful London. We took the year off of school so we could travel.  



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