''Don't leave me''

Murder, kidnapping and love is nothing to play with, it's not a game. Frida and Julia are on a camp in Norway there love, friendship and life is more important than anything. An old man is telling a story for Marcus and Oskar about how he lost his love for many years ago, and that they have to leave before it happens them.


3. Who was it?

Frida and Julia went up to Alex's cottage to talk to her. When they arrived, Frida knocked on the door and Alex opened.

'' You came, therefore, didn't think you would do it'' Alex began.

'' What do you want Alex? Your friends said you wanted to meet us'' said Julia.

'' Come in, you should see why'' Alex said and walked away from the doorway.

Inside the cottage was Frida and Julia pastries on a table completely untouched. The girls went inside.

'' What makes our cakes here in your cottage?'' Said Frida.

'' I just wanted to take care of those'' said Alex, though she actually had a different idea about the.

'' Take good care of them? What a lie,'' said Julia.

'' What do you want anyway?'' Said Frida.

'' Well ... What I really want is to get Oskar and you know him, so fix me up with him or get your cakes a disappointing end'' said Alex evil.

'' He don't even like you so why try?'' Said Julia.

'' Because I want him and so it will be'' Alex said with a raised voice.

'' You can't force someone to like you, you'll have to wait until the right one comes'' said Julia, staring at Alex.

'' If you don't, so that Oscar likes me within 24 hours then you can say goodbye to your hard work'' said Alex, looking at cakes.

Frida and Julia looked at eahother and nodded. They knew what they were doing and looked at Alex again.

'' Sure, we do it, just don't do anything with the pastries'' said Julia and sighed.

'' Great, just what I wanted, I always get what I want'' Alex laughed a little sinister.

Frida and Julia went out from the house where they also met with Marcus and Oskar. Alex came out and went directly to Oskar.

'' As I said before, put on something nice for the party'' she whispered and moved on, Walking towards her friends.

When Alex had walked away, Frida stared at Oskar who looked petrified out.

'' She should be incarcerated'' said Oscar.

'' Come on Oskar, she's not that horrible'' said Marcus and looked at Oskar.

'' Have you seen how she clings to me? She is crazy, what will happen next? She compels someone to fix us together?'' Said Oskar.

'' She forced us actually, as you may well just like her so can our cakes be saved'' said Julia.

'' Are you crazy or what? Never!'' Said Oscar.

'' But please! Can't you do it for us? You helped to make the pastries'' said Julia.

'' No! I will not'' whined Oskar.

'' But you can at least pretend to like her, because then manage our cakes and you don't have to be with her,'' said Frida.

'' How?'' Said Oscar.

'' I don't know, somehow'' said Julia and grimacing.

'' Oh well, I'll do it then, but only if we are able to keep our work'' muttered Oskar.

'' Good, then we'll just say it to the diva'' said Frida.

After a struggle to get Oscar to'' like'' Alex, he went along with it and the girls went back to Alex to tell it. Frida and Julia had their pastries back as Alex promised and they could go back to their cottage quiet. The next day all of the camp start selling the pastries to raise money for the party. Frida, Julia, Oscar and Marcus went together down to town lying some distance from the cottages. The gang packed up a table and put the pastries on it. Just minutes after had some already bought some buns, cakes and little else. It was really cold outside and the wind was blowing slightly by Julia's brown, long hair and Marcus stayed with his eyes on her. He had not seen anyone more beautiful girl in his life, he became completely numb. It was as if he was dreaming, to stand with Julia in the fall weather.

'' Marcus! We must return to the camp'' said a voice.

Marcus jumped and came back to reality.

'' What?'' Said Marcus.

'' We need to return to the camp'' said Julia.

'' Why?'' Said Marcus.

'' The camp leaders want to meet us'' said Julia.

Marcus nodded, and all four packed up things quickly. Then they ran back to the camp with the table and all the pastries in the hands. When they reached the camp leaders were at the parking lot and talked.

'' I'm glad you could come so quickly'' began to Daniel.

'' What is it? Has something happened?'' Said Oscar and put down some pastries.

'' Yes, it is most the girls'' said Daniel, looking at the girls.

'' What happened?'' Said Julia.

'' Leave the stuff here and run up to the your cottage so you will see'' said Daniel.

Frida and Julia dropped everything they carried on and ran up to their cottage. When they arrived and went inside, they saw that their entire house had been downloaded messed. It was like a bomb depressed mood. Clothes were scattered on the floor and chairs, all their makeup, hair brushes and shower stuff lay in heaps. Someone had been inside their house and messed down.

'' Eww!'' Frida shouted from her bed.

'' What?'' Said Julia, looking at Julia.

'' There are dead rats in my bed'' Frida replied, pointing to a pile of dead rats.

'' As you can see, anyone been here and messed your cottage'' said Daniel who entered.

'' When did this happen?'' Said Julia, looking at Daniel.

'' Just a few minutes ago'' said Daniel.

'' Where are we going to sleep now? And what will happen to the house?'' Said Frida.

'' You get to sleep with Marcus and Oscar, and current the house, we have the leaders called the police, so they should be here soon'' said Daniel.

'' What happened here? Looks like a bombshell'' said Oskar who stood in the doorway with Marcus next.


'' Someone has been here and messed bottom'' said Julia.

'' Will you continue to sleep here?'' Said Oscar.

'' No, never in my life,'' said Frida and pointed to her bed.

'' Rats, get it'' said Oskar after he saw rats on Frida's bed.

'' So now we're going to sleep with you'' said Julia.

'' Sleeping with us? Really Daniel?'' Said Oscar.

'' Yes, they'll get to sleep with you'' said Daniel.

'' Why?'' Said Marcus.

'' Because the other cottages are full'' said Daniel.

'' Okay'' said Marcus.

'' Then you just have to start packing girls, you must hurry, the police is here soon'' said Daniel, looking at the girls.

Frida and Julia nodded.

'' Well, then, you will have a good day then'' ended Daniel and thanked individually. The girls packed up their stuff and then they went out with the bags. All four went to Oscar and Marcus cottage, and then the girls packed up their things. After the incident, the gang continued to sell pastries downtown and the time flew. They went back again to the camp with the money they had earned and gave to the camp leaders. It was a long night and according to time it just got colder. Now even had all the leaves on the trees have fallen and low like a blanket on the ground. Time flew and it was already evening again. All that Oskar could think of was Alex and that he had to act like he liked her.

'' Why are you so nervous?'' Asked Marcus and looked at Oscar that went around in the cottage.

'' Alex, the party, what else?'' Said Oscar.

'' What's wrong with Alex that you are nervous about?'' Said Marcus.

'' She thinks I like her, but I don't like her and she thinks we'll kind of dance together'' said Oscar, freaking out.

'' You don't have to worry about it, just say you were never interested'' said Frida.

'' But what if she takes offense? What should I do?'' Said Oscar.

'' You know, what she has done to me and Julia, that's nothing against'' said Frida.

'' True'' said Oskar.

'' So, nothing to worry about'' said Frida.

Oskar nodded and he could relax, and lie down without thinking about Alex.

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