''Don't leave me''

Murder, kidnapping and love is nothing to play with, it's not a game. Frida and Julia are on a camp in Norway there love, friendship and life is more important than anything. An old man is telling a story for Marcus and Oskar about how he lost his love for many years ago, and that they have to leave before it happens them.


2. The campleaders, a halloween party and missing desserts

It knock on the door and Frida screamed. Julia went and opened the door. There was one of the camp leaders. He just wanted to check the girls, if they had started to pack up and if they were happy with the cottage. Frida and Julia were happy with the cottage and it went well for the unpacking. After they had packed up, they went down to the assembly hall to find out what will happen during the camp. Then after the information meeting, it was dinner and everyone had packed up in their cottages. To dinner it was potatoes and meatballs with gravy. Frida and Julia sat at a small round wooden table. Marcus and Oskar saw them and sat down with the girls.

'' And what do you want?'' Said Julia.

'' Neck with you ... Princess've taken over all the tables, what else?'' Said Marcus.

'' Alex? Oh, what I hate her,'' said Frida with food in your mouth.

'' We all do'' Julia sighed and poked around in the food.

After dinner, when everyone had gone to their cottage sat Julia and Frida in the assembly hall to watch a movie. They sat in a corner with Julia's computer in her lap and looked. Halfway through the movie they heard voices. They paused the movie and hid behind a table. They looked up a bit to see if they could recognize the voices. Two tall men came in and talked. One of them had dirty blonde hair down to his neck, green eyes, tall and a little bit fat. The second man had black, short hair, blue eyes, a little bit shorter then the first man and really muscular.

'' This must stop Daniel, we can't keep on like this. If it continues I don't know what to do'' said one.

'' Neither do I Peter'' said the other.

Frida and Julia knew one man. It was their gym teacher Daniel. What was he doing here and who was the other man? But what was it they were talking about? The girls listened more.

'' But then we'll have to stop it and start collecting instead'' said another voice.

Another tall man entered. A grey haired man with much muscels. He sat down at a table next to the table as Frida and Julia hid behind. He crossed his legs and leaned back.

'' We'll send out the kids, they can do it'' he said.

'' But what should they do? Distribute newspapers?'' Asked Daniel. 

'' They'll bake something and sell it'' replied the man.

'' How? We don't have any recipes'' said Peter.

'' I know two girls who know some recipes, you may well ask them Peter?'' Said the man.

'' Who is it?'' Said Peter.

'' Frida and Julia'' replied the man.

Frida and Julia looked at eachother.

'' I can ask them, I know the girls'' said Daniel.

'' Good Daniel, then you do it'' the man said to Daniel.

'' But when it's well done, we have a solution to the party'' said Peter and clapped his hands.

'' Yes, gentlemens'' began the man and stood up.

'' It was nice to talk to you, but now I have to go, we might be someday. For the moment, you will have a good time'' said the man left the assembly hall.

Daniel and Peter also left the courtroom as well as the girls. When they had gone, rose Julia and Frida. They took the computer and ran up to their cottage. Shortly after they had come up and closed, the door knock. Frida opened and jumped a little. Outside was Marcus and Oskar.

'' May we come in?'' Said Oscar.

'' Of course,'' said Frida and let them in.

'' What do you want?'' Said Julia.

'' It will be a party on Saturday'' began Oskar.

'' A Halloween party'' said Marcus.

'' Halloween party? We have heard about it'' said Julia.

'' Yeah, in the assembly hall about 3 minutes ago'' said Frida.

'' Wait a minute .. Were you in the assembly hall? We were there too'' said Oscar.

'' Really? How could we miss you then?'' Said Frida.

'' We hid behind a table,'' said Marcus.

'' We did it also'' said Julia.

'' What did you do there?'' Said Frida.

'' What did you do there?'' Said Marcus.

'' I asked first'' said Frida.

'' We were hungry, your turn'' said Oscar.

'' We watched the movie'' said Frida.

'' Fun, so .. what recipes can you?'' said Oscar.

'' We know how to make buns, muffins, cakes and pies,'' said Julia.

'' Then you may well make all the recipes?'' Said Marcus.

'' Yes, because you can bake'' said Oskar while knocking on the door.

'' It's open'' Julia called.

The door opened and in came Daniel. He closed the door.

'' Hey girls! Can I ask you something?'' He asked.

'' Sure,'' said Frida.

'' Can you some recipes?'' Said Daniel.

'' If they can'' replied Oscar.

'' Yes ​​we can some recipes'' said Julia.

'' Good, because we campleaders need help to collect some money to a Halloween party and then we wonder if you can help us, can you?'' Said Daniel.

'' Obviously, we can'' it said Frida and looked at Julia.

'' Yes, we can start now'' said Julia and stood next to Frida.

'' good, you know where everything is?'' Said Daniel.

'' Yes ​​we do'' replied both.

'' Then can you go down and start'' said Daniel, and left the house.

'' Good luck to you girls, it will be hard work,'' said Oscar.

'' Yeah, so we should go to our cottage now'' said Marcus and started to go with Oskar.

'' Oh no, you should not'' said Julia and grabbed their shirts. She dragged them back.

'' Yes, you will help us to bake because it was you who started this'' said Frida and opened the door.

'' After you, gentlemen'' said Julia and released their shirts.

Oscar and Marcus went first with Julia and Frida behind. All four went down to the kitchen to start baking. When they come down is four blondies standing there and talking. Frida and Julia knows directly it's Alex and the dynamite girls.

'' What are you doing here?'' Asks Julia.

'' Just hanging out and having fun'' Alex responds and turns.

She sees Frida and Julia.

'' What are you doing here?'' Said Alex dandy.

'' We'll bake'' said Frida.

'' For what? Your tea party?'' Asks Alex about Frida and Julia was 5 years old.

'' No, we are going back in order to sell it later, we need money to a party on Saturday,'' said Julia.

'' A party! What's the party?'' Asked one of the girls dynamite.

'' Halloween party'' said Frida.

'' Then I and the girls'' said Alex.

'' It's still for all, it's the camp who organizes it'' Oskar.

'' Well, I didn't know but now I do. Thanks for the info Oskar'' Alex said and winked at him.

'' We'll surely go now Alex, we're going to fix our nails'' said another dynamite girl.

'' Yes, we should leave these with their baking'' said the third dynamite girl.

'' You are right girls, we should leave Julia and Frida with their baking'' Alex said and started walking.

She stood beside Oskar and whispered in his ear.

'' Put on something nice for the party''

Then she went away, followed by her friends. Oskar was a little petrified, wondering what just happened. But they didn't care about Alex and her followers.

'' Okay, we'll start with pies for the longest time to make'' said Frida and took out a large blue plastic bowl.

'' Oskar get flour, sugar and powdered sugar. Marcus get milk, eggs, butter and a jug of water'' ordered Julia and took out some wooden spoons.

'' Do we need anything more?'' Said Marcus, who came up with the milk, some eggs, butter and a jug of water.

'' Yes! Apples and cinnamon'' said Julia.

'' I'll get it'' said Marcus and put down all the things on the big kitchen table.

'' Good, Oscar how are you? Do everything?'' Said Julia.

'' No, I can't find sugar'' said Oskar who stood and looked in the pantry.

Frida went over and took out the granulated sugar.

'' Here,'' she said, and gave it to Oscar.

'' Thanks'' said Oskar and went to the kitchen counter.

Time passed quickly and all four worked like dogs. Hours upon hours were muffins and pies ready and when it was ready was at 01:00 at night. They had been standing for 6 hours and baked. Tired all went up to their cottage to sleep. Later in the day, when Frida and Julia would check their cakes, they were not there. Frida and Julia panicked and ran up to the camp leaders. They told them that the pastries were gone and they didn't know what had happened. The camp leaders told them to calm down and bake new. The girls went along with it and went down to the kitchen to bake again. When they came down the Dynamite girls stood there and waited for Frida and Julia.

'' What do you want?'' Said Frida.

'' We have a message from Alex, she wants to see you in our cottage'' said Sophia.

'' Why? Why would she see us?'' Said Julia.

'' Ask her'' said Stella.

'' Okay, this seems a little fishy'' said Julia.

'' Agree'' said Frida.

'' But we'll have to go and meet her,'' said Julia.

'' Yeah'' said Frida and started walking with Julia behind her.

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