''Don't leave me''

Murder, kidnapping and love is nothing to play with, it's not a game. Frida and Julia are on a camp in Norway there love, friendship and life is more important than anything. An old man is telling a story for Marcus and Oskar about how he lost his love for many years ago, and that they have to leave before it happens them.


1. The story about Tracie


'' Come on, Julia! We must have time to eat breakfast before we go'' a voice called from the stairs.   '' I'm coming!'' Julia called back.   Julia brushed through the hair for the last time and ran down the stairs. She went into the kitchen and sat down at the large tree table opposite Frida. The girls started to eat breakfast and Julia's father had begun to pack their bags in the car. After the breakfast went Frida and Julia to the car to leave. They would go off on an autumn camp up in the Norwegian mountains. Julia's father came after a while and sat in the car. He started the engine and drove away from the parking lot outside the blue little villa. Along the way Frida and Julia talked about what they would do at the camp and that Oskar would get there with Marcus. Oskar was a guy who liked Frida. After a 5 hour car trip they arrived to the camp and the girls were welcomed by the camp leaders.   '' Remember what I said now Julia, no mischief with guys'' said Julia's father to Julia.   '' Seriously dad, you already know that I have promised, and there will be no mischief'' said Julia.   '' I know, I trust you,'' said Julia's father back.   '' Good'' said Julia.   '' Give me a hug now'' said Julia's father and hugged Julia.   '' Goodbye'' said Julia and hugged back.   '' Goodbye'' said Julia's father and walked away to the car.   The girls took their bags and ran up to their cottages. When they arrived, it was two guys in a corner. Frida and Julia heard they were talking to someone. They walked a little closer to see who it was. They saw that it was Marcus and Oskar who was talking to an old man.   ''I was in your age when she died. Tracie was a really beautiful girl. Her brown hair and green eyes, it was beautiful. We where running in the forrest, hand in hand and playing by the trees like kids every day. Until one night there a stranger came into her cottage and stabbed Tracie in the chest. In the morning the day after I saw ambulances and police cars standing outside, I didn't know what had happened until I saw two men carrying a corpse. I asked who it was and I found out that it was Tracie, my beloved Tracie. I was devastated for months. Nothing could help me from my pain'' said the old man. ''So young and happy, the way she smiled at me everytime we where together. It still hurts badly''   '' But why do we get out of here? It was 53 years ago'' said Marcus.   '' Many terrible things have happened since the night when Tracie died, many terrible things in the last 53 years,'' said the old man.   '' I still do not understand why we have to leave this place'' said Oscar.   '' If you stay here, it will happen the same thing as with Tracie, one of you will be murdered. Therefore, you must get out of here boy'' replied the old man.   '' We will stand before someone gets killed? Sure, you can find just to scare us so that you can have this place to yourself'' said Marcus bit cocky.   '' I warned you, one of you will die'' said the old man, and getting up from the rocking chair he was sitting in. He walked away with a firm step into the woods.   '' What was that about?'' Frida asked with wonder in her eyes.   Marcus and Oskar turned around.   '' Uh no, just a lot of stories about this place. Nothing that we believe'' said Oscar.   '' What kind of stories?'' Asked Frida again.   '' Just a little ghost stories that people have been murdered'' said Marcus.   '' Okay, and who was that old guy? A new friend?'' Said Julia.   '' No, he just sat here'' said Marcus.   '' Okay, we live in this house, so maybe you should go'' said Frida.   '' You're right, we should stick to our cottage but watch out for ghosts'' said Oskar and laughed a little.   '' Haha really fun Oskar'' said Frida.   Oscar and Marcus went off to their cottage while Frida and Julia went to theirs.   '' It looks really cozy'' said Julia and went to a bed.   '' You don't say'' said Frida had already begun to unpack.
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