life without her

jake's life turned upside down after the secret willow has been keeping from him came to light , he thought they'll grow old together but he began to wonder if there is such a thing called a happy ending....
for movellas the fault in our stars :writing contest .based on a quote by john green "That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt"


3. after her

four months after that day willow passed away leaving me with baby lucy who just started to say mommy and daddy she'd woke up at night screaming mommy as if she felt that she wont see her again .she had her beautiful eyes her ocean blue eyes when she starres at me, sometimes i forget that it's her.

when i look at her i see willow. her death devastated me but in a way it made me stronger, i had to be, for Lucy. i had to smile again for her i had to celebrate her birthday and decorate Christmases tree .

my daughter is now the most important thing in my life she's four now. she's a very good child quite and lovely,  and we take  good care of each other.

.I decided to visit willow today , i wrote her something,it's short but i'm sure it still counts,she'll understand she always knew that i am not much of a writer  

"Daddy "

"Lucy c'mere to daddy" i said hugging her" we gotta go visit mommy now"

"Really " she said smiling widely showing the missing teeth


we went to her grave lucy placed beautiful white tulips on her grave and i read her what i wrote from a piece of paper :


I won't stop looking for you everyday

Even if you were a needle in a heap of hay

I am not going anywhere I’ll just stay

Am sitting by the door till the light of day

I will always remember

how your eyes glittered in the sun of day

and How it reflected every ray.

your absence left me with a scar

but i still feel your presence although you're so far

we now go and  visit willow every week at first the pain was unbearable i felt that my life has come to an end but i learnt to cope with it for Lucy, willow was right when she said that pain demands to be felt but i never allowed pain to take control of my life ,the memory of willow kept me alive and going,i always felt her presence around me ,i never forgot her she was always there with us guiding us like an angel .i've always loved her and i'll always will....Always


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