life without her

jake's life turned upside down after the secret willow has been keeping from him came to light , he thought they'll grow old together but he began to wonder if there is such a thing called a happy ending....
for movellas the fault in our stars :writing contest .based on a quote by john green "That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt"


1. the secret

I walked in, calling her name but she didn't respond,her car keys were placed neatly on the table ,i thought that she couldn't have driven her car today the weather was pretty bad it was raining like the end of the world and the roads were slippery and muddy. her boots were muddy and were placed under the table-she never did that. the mudroom door was left open her trench coat was placed hastily on a broken hanger,she must've been in a hurry.

i called again but nothing.i went to our bedroom again nothing.then i thought i heard a sound i walked back in to our bedroom i head the sound of water rushing,the sound was coming

 from our bathroom. the door was left ajar i looked through the opening  in the door and saw her , wet hair ,her make up was smudged up .she was staring at the mirror that was blurry apparently full of steam and the steam was coming from  right below the mirror, from the tape that  she was placing her hand under. the water was steaming hot her hands were so red, i panicked i shouted but she didn’t even look until i gripped the tape with a napkin and closed it. a drop of water sneaked to my wrist and burned through my skin the water was boiling i looked at her still astonished. now i had her attention

" ? What's wrong with you. were u trying to burn your hands"

She didnt respond i put my hands on her shoulder and shook her lightly then she bursted into tears i pulled her into a hug rubbing her back with one hand and the other on her hair

 "it's okay"  "Am's okay" I added

I kept saying that , soothing her  leading her out of the bathroom to the edge of the bed, got her the burns cream applied a thin layer on both of her glowing red hands and sat next to her not knowing where to start she then told me about the secret she's been keeping for months and i was such a fool i didnt notice anything i only cared about work, getting a promotion and money i asked her to accompany me to cocktails with co- workers and encouraged her to drink i thought my new well paying job will grant us a comfortable life, a future together living happily but i was so wrong money won't buy her time money is useless now. i cared so much for our savings and the quality of our life, a life without her in it now i realized. the shock was so sudden all my dreams crashed, everything ,our plans .the future seemed so blurry now nothing was certain anymore i wanted her to be happy but things have gone out of control the world is spinning and i cant take control of it now my soul mate the love of my life was dying now and there was nothing i can do to stop it. Nothing.

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