Victoria West was born with an amazing ability, she could read and communicate with peoples minds, but as she got older, her powers developed more, she could then fly, move things with her mind, predict the future and project her mind in to the astral plane. People were afraid of what she could do, so they called the mutant control specialists and they began the hunt.....................


3. Chapter 2

"Dad, have you ever wondered why I am like this?" Victoria asked when she returned from school. Her father was supportive of her abilities and believed she could do great things with her life. "I'm sorry, honey, i have no idea why it happened to you, but be happy it did! Vicky, you are special, in more ways than just your powers, and you have been blessed, not cursed. You are amazing sweetie, be proud of that!" he replied. Victoria saw the look in his eyes when he said that, he was truthful and kind to her, and when her father was around, she felt normal.

     Later that evening, Victoria's mother came home, and had an extremely worried look on her face. "Vic, get here now!" she sounded petrified and Victoria flew down the stairs and asked what was going on. "They're coming!" her mother screeched.

    "Who's coming? Mum, tell me, who are they, and what do they want?!" Victoria asked, now also worried. "It's them, the mutant hunters, they stopped me in the street today and one of them warned me that they were coming for you!" She replied. Victoria ran upstairs, warning her brother, Scott, to start packing, saying that they will come for all of them if they didn't leave. Scott had no powers, and to Victoria, he was defenseless. She also started packing up her parents things, telling them to leave as soon as they finished. Victoria decided to stay and face them, she was powerful, she could protect herself, but her family were powerless, and she couldn't protect them all, as well as her self.

"Victoria, I am your father, we are not leaving you, not with the mutant hunters on your trail. not now, not ever will we leave you!" her father exclaimed. "I'm sorry dad, but I have to protect you." she replied. She used her telekinesis to send her family into their car and force them to drive away. She then locked the door and prepared for the fight coming upon her.

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