Victoria West was born with an amazing ability, she could read and communicate with peoples minds, but as she got older, her powers developed more, she could then fly, move things with her mind, predict the future and project her mind in to the astral plane. People were afraid of what she could do, so they called the mutant control specialists and they began the hunt.....................


2. Chapter 1

Victoria West was a mutant and she wasn't proud of it. Every day she would lie to her friends to protect her secret, she didn't want anyone knowing of her abilities, at first she only had telepathy, but as she grew older, her powers developed into something that she was afraid to admit even to her herself, at 16 she had 5 powers over-all: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Flight. Astral Projection and Premonitions. She was ashamed of who she was and never told anyone. How could she tell her friends that she was a freak! People would hate her, stare at her and the media will always follow her. She didn't even know she was one of the strongest mutants alive.................... 

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