In Love

This is a story about a small town girl name ellie who won a trip to meet one direction ... what will happen when she meets a special?

Hope u enjoy it :)


3. Wow

Harrys p.o.v

She was Beutiful. I havent even met her yet and i felt like i liked her. I snapped out of my trance and ran over to meet her, i looked at her and said " Wow u look good" "thanks" she said and she blushed alot, it was cute. I could see her friend and niall. he was smiling and laughing with her and i could tell right away that he liked her. 'im ellie" she said with an adorable smile on her face. But i had to get out of this thinking and talk. I yelled at myself in my head and then spoke " im harry" she smiled and me and her were getting along great i think , i think im in love with this insanly amazing sweet and cute girl.

Ellies p.o.v

Wow was he sweet or what. his green eyes looked like they were emeralds and i loved it. as he stared at me with those amazing eyes i blushed. "Can i have ur number?" he asked politly i thougt i was going to die on the inside but i kept it cool on the outside. after i  gave him my number me and kayla had to leave so they could get ready for the show. that was the best thing that ever happend to me :)

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