In Love

This is a story about a small town girl name ellie who won a trip to meet one direction ... what will happen when she meets a special?

Hope u enjoy it :)


2. On the way

As i got into the limo on the way to the concert and meet and greet i look at myself in the mirror, and i had to admit i looked pretty good. I wore a pair of skinny blue jeans and a white wavy shirt, i curled my hair and had a little makeup on ... i didnt like to wear too much i liked how i look without it. Kayla was in the limo before me and she was wearing black leggings and a light pink shirt that fit her well, her hair was staightened and she was wearing a little more makup then me. I thought she looked alot better than me she always was prettier than me but i didnt care how i looked.

 Harry's P.O.V

Their was one more group of girls me and the boys had to see before the concert. I was starting to get pretty tired and just start the concert now but it was the last group so maybe i could have a nap before the show. As the two girls walked in i felt a knot in my stomach i never seen such beautiful girls, one caught my eye she had her hair curled and a white shirt with skinny blue jeans... She was beautiful.

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