In Love

This is a story about a small town girl name ellie who won a trip to meet one direction ... what will happen when she meets a special?

Hope u enjoy it :)


4. did he just...

Ellies p.o.v

The concert was amazing.  Me and kayla had first row seat so our ears were hurting allot. I noticed niall watching kayla while on stage, she really liked him and i could see that. Harry came over to me a couple of times and looked at me which made me melt. after the show me and kayla were last out cuz we were in the front row. as we were leaving someone tapped my shoulder lightly. It was Harry. I almost fainted but i kept it cool. Then he asked me.

Harrys p.o.v

I couldnt help it i had to ask her 'are u with anyone right now?' I dont know why but it just slipped out of my mouth and my face got red and heart started to race. 'no.' She said in her cute soft voice. I almost jumped with joy. ' would u like to maybe go out for ice cream or somthing in a littlel bit?' Hoping she would say yes. 'of course i will Harry!' i was over joyed and i couldnt contain myself. paul said that we could go back to the otel or somthing so i asked ellie if she wanted to go for icecram now. And she did.

Hope u like it :)i know its short and this is my first movella so.

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