A One Direction Valentine

So far, Valentine's Day has never been Hannah and Felicity's best holiday. This year, all of that was going to change. They were looking for love and romance this year, so they decided to go to Paris, France. In the city of love, Hannah and Felicity run into the guys of their dreams. Will it work out or will all of their dreams be thrown off of the roof of the Eifle Tower?


1. Good News and Bad News

     [Felicity's POV] Hannah and I sat on the couch, crying. Our friend Amber, died today. She was driving home from the night shift, when a wild hog ran out in front of her. She swerved to miss it but overcorrected. The car hit the shoulder and flipped, end over end, 6 times. Amber lasted for 15 minutes. That was 15 minutes longer than anyone thought she would have hung on.

   Today was Friday January, 13. The day Hannah and I were supposed to leave to go to Paris for Valentine's Day. I know, like a month away. The truth was, we wanted to spend the whole year in Paris. Even though it was the city of love, I wasn't looking for a relationship right now. A month ago today, my 4 year boyfriend and I broke up. I found out that he had been cheating on me for a month. I've always had trouble trusting people that weren't my immediate family. I live with my grandparents. I don't think of them as that, though. They are the only parents that I have ever known. My biological dad was not the best person in the world. When I was younger, I used to see him occasionally, until he betrayed my trust.


   I hid behind Derinda (the only mother I have ever known) and looked up into Jeremy's eyes (my bio dad). He was angry with me because I wouldn't write my bio mother a thank you letter. It was Christmas. She had sent me gifts.

"Why should I? I don't even know her," I said in a small voice.

"Because, she is your mother. You will be nice and thank her for the gifts," he yelled at me.

  Keith (the only father I have ever really known), was not happy about the way Jeremy was treating me.

"Jeremy," he said in a calm tone. Uh-oh, he was MAD. "Don't force her to do something that she doesn't want to do."

Jeremy whirled on him and hissed, "I can do what I want, old man."

  Jeremy lunged at me. That put Poppy (Keith) over the edge. NOBODY tries to hurt his little girl. Poppy was a big man who had worked at the Roberson Unit (prison) in Abilene for I don't know how long, so he knew how to fight. I wasn't  worried at all for Jeremy's safety. He deserved what was coming for him. Poppy threw a punch and knocked Jeremy onto the floor. Jeremy had a bloody nose and was not really with the program anymore.

"If you ever try to hurt Felicity again, so help me, with God as my witness, I will kill you."

  And with that, we left.

                             ******END FLASHBACK******

   I don't remember the year but, I was little. Not long after that, I met Hannah. I was a well liked little girl and I had many friends but, I didn't trust anyone but my family until Hannah came along. I was hiding under the slide, crying. It had not been very long since we had been back to school after Christmas. The memory and the pain were still fresh. Hannah saw me and slid under the slide until she was right next to me.

"Are you OK?" She had a light, timid voice.

  When I shook my head no, she pulled me into a hug and let me sob on the shoulder. Since that day, Hannah had never left my side. She had begun earning my trust. One year later, she knew everything. I finally had a friend that I could trust fully. Years later, in JR. High, we met Melisa. Hannah and I had just transferred from our old school to this one. We were both very shy at the time. On our first day, Melisa came up to us and introduced herself as Melisa Rock. She was in 6th grade, too. She too, began slowly gaining my trust. The following year, in 7th grade, I had another person that I could fully trust.

   All these years later, Melisa was an artist while Hannah and I owned our own, small fashion business. But what most people don't know about me is, that I love to sing and dance. I'm also a writer. Twelve published books, so far, Melisa didn't like to travel unless it was absolutely necessary. Hannah and I, on the other hand, loved to travel.

  I snapped out of my thoughts when the phone rang. I went to get it and it was Amber's older sister, Sabrina. I sighed and prepared myself for complete hysteria.

"Hello," I said through tears.


Yeah, its me." She could tell that I was upset.

"OMG! I cant believe that she is gone."

"I know. Neither can we. At least, God got a wonderful angle." That bit of information cheered her up a bit.

"Yeah. You really helped me look on the bright side. Hey, are you and Hannah still going on y'alls trip?"

I didn't know how to answer. Did we want to? Sure! Did we want to leave Sabrina when she needed us the most? NO!

"We don't want to leave right after this happened."

"Nonsense. You two go and have fun. I'll be OK."

"OK. We'll go. I'll check up on you in a few days."

"Just go have fun. Bye."

She hung up and I went to tell Hannah what Sabrina had said. I found her drying her eyes.

"Well, Sabrina is doing better than expected. She can talk and she told me that she wants us to go on our trip. For her."

"OK. Lets go get our bags. We will go for her."


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