Till the end (1D)

19 year old Li isn't you ordinary girl. She is supernatural. Her Father, and mother donated her to science, and later on she died but, respawned as a soul guide. She is the only female soul guide ever. She has black wings, and she has icy gray eyes. She has black hair, and.....the mark of her next human soul mate. She was determined to find him. His name? Liam Payne. They used to be best friends when she was alive. What does he think about this whole thing?


1. The end of the beggining.

Li's POV

I feel like I am slowly wasting away, and crumbling like an old pastry. I smile as I look up to see I light. When I open my eyes my wrists arm chained. What? This makes no sense. I struggle, and then my back hurts. I crouch down, and while that is happening I am whaling in pain. Then I hear a deep over voice. "You are one of us now. The only female. You wings sprout from your back, and you suffer while we all watch. Find Liam Payne, and make him yours." Then my cuffs were relesed. What? I go to rub my back but, all I feel are feathers, feathers, and more feathers. I look in a mirror, and see that I have wings. I am a soul guide. The last woman for decades. I notice some clothes by the mirror, and I gladly take them, and slip them on. I put on a really short black dress. I noticed that my blonde hair was now stained black. I let my locks flow down my shoulders, and fly off. I  fly out the window, and to Liam's house. I notice his window open, and I stop just perching on his window sill. I look at his sleeping face. How cute. "Love me, and charish me, and never let me go." he sang in his sleep. That was our song. I walk up to his, and kiss his forehead. I missed him.

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