Till the end (1D)

19 year old Li isn't you ordinary girl. She is supernatural. Her Father, and mother donated her to science, and later on she died but, respawned as a soul guide. She is the only female soul guide ever. She has black wings, and she has icy gray eyes. She has black hair, and.....the mark of her next human soul mate. She was determined to find him. His name? Liam Payne. They used to be best friends when she was alive. What does he think about this whole thing?


2. On the window side.

Li's POV


His eyes shot open, and he looked up at me in horror. His lower lip trembling in fear. "Who are you!?" she shouts. "You honestly don't remember?" I ask saddened by his words. "Li? Robin?" he says. My real name is Robin so...yeah!. "Yeah. It's me." I say with a tear in my eye. "But, the train...and the funeral....and you were everywhere." he says flailing his arms around life an idiot. "II know...i would have to show you instead." I say pointing to the window. "Get up, and watch me." I say smiling. "Okay." he says unsure. "Here I go." I say. I push my self off the window sides, and spread my wings, and fly. I soar around up high, and dive back through the window, and in to his room. He look s at me shocked. "I'm a soul guide." I say to him. He starts to cry. "Why are you here?" he asks me. "You are a part of my next mission. The Boss told me that I need to make you mine forever, as in...a couple." I say shyly. He miles up at me. "That would be wonderful but, we will have to build something up." he says. "Don't tell the lads that it's me. From now on my new name is Darling okay?" I say to him. He nods. We hear footsteps coming closer to his room, and I run to his closet, and hide it there. " What was that sound?" ask Niall, and Harry. "Nothing." Liam says. I know he hates lying,and I can tell this is killing him. "Well okay then." says Louis walking back to his room with Zayn on his tail. Phew.

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