The Operation

Leanne, Beca, and Zayn were bestfriend since forever. They weren't popular, and were never noticed. They absolutely hate Taylor, the Queen B of the school. So what happens when they decide, along with Liam to get back in her?!
Read and find out... ;))


8. The Princess And The Frog

Taylor's POV:

I pulled down my mini-skirt, witch ended right where everyone could see my bum, it's going to be awkward sitting on the grass with that skirt. but if I sit on the bench then there's going to be only two places left next to me, and the rest would have to sit on the grass, well, that doesn't matter, as long as I'm in the middle.

I bent to put my books in my locker, my friend were standing right behind me, arguing about the best shampoo for a curly hair, the didn't notice i squealed in surprise; there was an unrecognized paper coming out of my locker, it said "to the beautiful Taylor..." oh, no! one of my suitors, it was so cheesy! I almost turned around to show it to my friends, but just before I did my eyes caught the poem's lines, it said: I know what you think/ cheesy, what a geek/ but you spin my head around/ for me you're the only one/ I know that I'm the frog and you're the princess/ but if you could come/ only for a couple minutes/  I'll be hiding somewhere behind the gym/ and if anyone comes/ you'll never know who I am.

I re-read the poem, the girls kept arguing behind me, and didn't notice that I wasn't listening. Who could it possibly be? I doubt it's anyone from our click, they don't have enough talent to write such thing. But... maybe someone's doing this as a prank, trying to embarrass me? maybe one of the girls who's jealous in me? Should I go? if this is a trap, then I'll go straight into it. but on the other hand, he called himself a "frog", witch means that he knows that there's no chance I'll look at his direction, so obviously he would rather me coming without my friends.

pathetic, but cute.

"C'mon Tay," one of my friends said. I straightened, and the other girls didn't say anything, they knew I was about to say something, "girls! I have something I need you to find out."



Zayn's POV:

I waited anxiously behind the bushed. I was starting to regret the condition I put. It's obvious she won't come without her friends.

when the end of lunch was coming, I started to lose hope about her coming. there was no sign of her. I waited a few more minutes, when she didn't show up, I started to get up, that's when I smelled a scent of roses, I turned around and saw that Taylor was right infront of me, "are you the frog?", I looked at her, I felt like I was paralysed, "Taylor!" I said surprised, she giggled and bent down so we were the same height, "I see that when you said you're going to be hiding, you actually meant it" I started getting up, "I actually meant that you won't know where I am" I said, "So, did you like the poem?" "Yeah, I did actually," she said playing with her blond curls, "I didn't know we had poets in our school." there was an awkward silence, Taylor then looked around, I asume she was making sure no one saw her with me. Then I thought that maybe her friends were waiting , and she was trying to tell them to come out now, "where are you friends?" I asked, "On a mission, checking something with Niall. Christine told us he was cheating on Izzy." I stared at her, hypnotised, I can't believe this is actually happening!! how did I manage to bring her? it was unbelievable! she cut my thoughts when she said, "I know you, I swear I know you from somewhere!" we've been in the same class for nine year, i thought, but all I said was, "we performed together at the 4th of July ceremony." "yeah, that's right! see? I knew you looked familiar, Sam, right?" "Zayn." I said, "Zayn, right." Suddenly, I heard the bell ringing, oh, god! "Umm... so, Taylor," I almost chocked but I managed to say," about the party next week," "yeah?" "I was wondering, maybe you would like to come with me?" Taylor played with her curls, "sure. why not?" "why not what?" I was confused, "what why not what?" she said confused, also. "I mean, really? none of your friend know me." "what's the problem? are you scared?" she asked, "of course not!! it's just when a princess goes with a frog, everybody starts asking questions" she looked around, again. "OK, so bye..." she said shyly, that was weird, but then she got her face closer to mine a gave me a kiss on the cheek. I struggled moving for a moment, "wait what time should I pick you up?" I called after her, "I already have a ride.

And she walked away before I remembered how to say "bye".

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