The Operation

Leanne, Beca, and Zayn were bestfriend since forever. They weren't popular, and were never noticed. They absolutely hate Taylor, the Queen B of the school. So what happens when they decide, along with Liam to get back in her?!
Read and find out... ;))


2. The Party

Leanne's POV:

"look at her"

"oh! c'mon..."



"Now, count to five"

"one, two..."


"three, four..."

At the count of five Taylor flipped her hair vainly. Me and Beca burst into laughter, while watching Taylor from across the room. I admit, there was no actual reason to laugh at her, I felt kind of pathetic for trying to find a reason to mock her. But still, it felt good. I felt stronger, and more united, with Beca, against the most popular girl in school. "we are really pathetic, aren't we?" said Beca, "Absolutely" I said in agreement. We leaned on the table and kept looking on the dance floor.

Taylor raised her hands, and so did pretty much everyone on the dance floor. It was like she was the one who decides what dance moves and worthy and what moves aren't! "They have no dignity, those grovels!" I said, "who they think she is, God?" "yeah, well God doesn't wear ZARA heels!"

"really? he doesn't?" we both jumped. And as we saw that Zayn was talking, we calmed down.

"Zayn!" i got mad, "do this one more time and you're dead!" "Oh,no!" Zayn mocked me. Beca raised her hand to touch Zayn's hair "Did you dye it?!" she asked, "No!" he dodged her, "yeah OK! so you woke up this morning and noticed that the edge of your quiff has magically turned blonde! What about Hagrid? Has he sent you the Hogwarts express tickets yet?" "Haha..." he said without smiling. "well, if you must know, then yes. i did dye my hair, I'm throwing away the old Zayn, say Hello to the new, improved one!" he announced. Me and Beca look at each other, shocked. "WHAT?!?!" screamed Beca. "That's right. I'm tired of being a geek , it's time for me to take advantage of my brain for other things, like becoming one of the popular kids," Zayn claimed, "maybe this way Taylor would finally notice me..." he suddenly stopped and turned red.

we started giggling, "Taylor, I knew it!" I said.

"Don't tell me you still have a crush on her,"Beca said, almost screaming "Zayn, i thought you were over her, like long ago!" but he only shrugged his shoulders, a bit irritated and said "get off my back!" "Zayn, look at her!" she cried, "I am, and all I see is perfection itself" he said as if he was in trance.

we both sighed. Zayn was hopeless!

"And then you have us. Without us you'll probably be doing something you'll regret" I patted on his back, " you forgot that Taylor doesn't give a shit about people who aren't in her click. She doesn't even know your name!" "Of course she does! we performed together at the 4th of July ceremony!" "ZAYN! that was 18 months ago! when will you stop talking about it?!  she probably forgot you the second you got off stage." she stopped to take a breathe, "Why do you keep insisting that it's a proof that she knows you!"

"and she doesn't" I said

"You have no chance with her" claimed Beca

"Not even the slightest!" I agreed

"You're only making fun of yourself"


"And Leanne's going to buy me a gum!"

"excact... HEY!!" I got angry.

Zayn just raised his hand as if to tell us to shut the hell up!

"Ladies," he announced, "Thanks for the concern, but you're not going to change my decision! I'm planning on asking her to be my date to the prom!" We were both shocked by what he just said. "Are you MAD?! she'll break your heart" I said, or screamed. "Yeah, and we're going to be the ones who'll glue the pieces of your broken heart back!" grumbled Beca, "Just don't say we didin't warn you, and when you'll come back crawling to us, crying, we're going to be able to slam the door in your face. "Leanne won't slam the door in my face, right Leanne?" Zayn said. "Oh,c'mon! the fact that you two were once a couple doesn't mean she'll give you mercy!" she snapped at him before i even opened my mouth to answer him."What do we have to do to talk you out of it?!" cried Beca, "wanna bet?!" "YES!" he nearly jumped off his seat. "Fine. twenty buck?!" "A hundred" he answered.

"It's a deal!" said Beca

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