The Operation

Leanne, Beca, and Zayn were bestfriend since forever. They weren't popular, and were never noticed. They absolutely hate Taylor, the Queen B of the school. So what happens when they decide, along with Liam to get back in her?!
Read and find out... ;))


9. The confession #3

I didn't tell anyone about this, but ... I take pills against depression.

yeah, I know what you're thinking, "why does she take take them? she looks sane!"

Well, yes! I am sane. But I still take the pills, for 18 months now. That's what my mum wants, she was the one who made the doctors give me the prescriptions. "I rather her being happy with pills, than being depressed without them!" she would tell my dad, and he would just shrug and walk away.

And why do I need those pills? I honestly have no idea.

I'm not even sad, and don't have any emotions that are close to sadness, not to mention, depression. And really, why should I be sad? I have everything I could ever ask for; loving family, friends, money, popularity, anything that a girl my age would want. And when I think about it, I never asked for something and didn't get it.

So, why does my mum think that I would get depressed? I really have no Idea



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