The Operation

Leanne, Beca, and Zayn were bestfriend since forever. They weren't popular, and were never noticed. They absolutely hate Taylor, the Queen B of the school. So what happens when they decide, along with Liam to get back in her?!
Read and find out... ;))


3. Look Who's Here!

Beca's POV:

Zayn got closer to Taylor's click. He turned and looked at us, I waved at him, just for annoyance, and Leanne just raise her thumb as if to say "good luck".

he swallowed his own spit, took a step forwards, and then two backwards, he then regretted doing it, and pretended to be admiring a plant that was next to him. "Coward!" I said.

I felt Leanne elbowing me, "look! over there",  looked at where she was pointing. "LIAM!" I said surprised, "can you believe it?!" giggled Leanne. "OH.MY.GOD! what is he doing here? I bet he got lost, or more reasonably; his mum made him come" I said laughing. "LIAM! Hey, Liam!" i yelled. "SHUT THE HELL UP!" said Leanne, looking away as if to say "I'm not related to this girl".

But Liam didn't hear me, or, at least, pretended that he didn't hear me. He was sitting in a corner, alone, as always, disconnected to whatever was going on around him. "What a shame! such a waste, he could be one of the hottest guys in school if he took care of himself!" I said, shaking my head.


Leanne's POV:

I thought she was exaggerating, but she was kind of right. Liam was tall, with bright-brown hair, and white teeth like the ones in commercials.

"What's up Liam?!" Beca sat on his side, and I sat on the other, "what did we do to have the pleasure to see you here?" "I've been asking myself the exact same question." he replied. " maybe you finally realized that in two weeks school's over and then you have a whole two months of complete laziness and loneliness, without any other human being next to you..." "Ugh! I can't wait for that!" he said with a complete serious face, " Until then what do I have to do? My mum made me come here!" He didn't understand why i chocked by my juice, while Beca burst into laughter. "Is everything OK?" he asked, "Yeah! Just perfect." I replied, my face all red. "so, Liam," Beca continued like nothing happened, "Do you have a date for prom yet?" "Why? you wanna go with me?" he asked suspiciously. She rolled her eyes,"wow! how did you know? No, you idiot! I'm just being friendly. That's what people do, you know?" "Oh really? and I thought that all you talk about was other people's life, like who invites who to the prom" "Bullshit! we don't even bring that up." But at this same moment Zayn came. "Our bet is still on. Beca", he announced, "Leanne you're witness that if i could make Taylor come with me to the prom she'll give me a hundred bucks." he pointed at Beca. Then he walked away.

Liam crossed his hand. "Bullshit!" he imitated my voice, "we don't even bring that up" "Oh, shut up, Liam" we both mumbled

"Taylor! Who even cares about this dumb bitch?!" He said with no facial expression, "Does he have ANY dignity, this friend of yours?!" "Oh, and if you would have the chance to go out with her, you'd reject it right?!" I mocked him. "YES!" he said angrily, "Now if you'll excuse me, it's been half an hour since I came, I'll go call my mum and tell her that I've had enough socializing for one day, and she'll stop nagging me." he said and walked away.

"Mars," I said, "Monkey Planet, or Avatar?", Beca shook her head, "No. if it has to be a planet, then it has to be the moon." "You're right" I said, "do you think his mum knows?" "let her enjoy the doubt, like us" Beca replied.


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