The Operation

Leanne, Beca, and Zayn were bestfriend since forever. They weren't popular, and were never noticed. They absolutely hate Taylor, the Queen B of the school. So what happens when they decide, along with Liam to get back in her?!
Read and find out... ;))


6. Just A Regular Day At School

Leanne's POV:

It's been this way for almost ten years. The same spot. the same position. the same... social status. It's not that I mind, I absolutely love my friends, but sometimes I can't help thinking what if things were different.

I stood by the school fence for a while, I had to wait for Taylor's click to go away, before I dare to walk there. I didn't dare to walk past them, I was too scared of the looks and the whispers, I dreaded her click. It's not they bullied me, they barely knew who I was. I was scared of them because they were the popular ones, and I was nothing.

One more week until the summer vacation. Zayn's head popped out from behind the bushes. I knew he dreaded going there too, I wanted to call him, but I was afraid I'd embarrass him. so I went and stood next to him, "Hey" i whispered, "what are you hiding from?", "I'm not hiding, I'm just waiting for the right time. Doesn't she EVER leave her click?" "Hey! why don't you ask her out to the movie tickets you got from your uncle?" "I wanted to ask her," he said shyly, "and...?" "when I got to the movies I saw her with another guy, feeding each other with popcorn." I rolled my eyes, "c'mon" i said, I pulled him by his arm, "or we're going to be late to the lab. Mrs. Moore would kill us." "we have chemistry today? I forgot my book!" he panicked, "calm down, sit next to me, besides, she doesn't even look at our direction, she focuses on Jade's group."

Jade was one of taylor's non-official deputy, she took Taylor's place in the classes she didn't attend. Me, Beca and Zayn didn't mind, we just listen to the jokes they say, and the arguments they would get with the teachers, and nearly didn't demonstrate any presence.

I suddenly felt that one of the boys in the group was staring at me, what does he want? is he making fun of me? or maybe... "Let's go" I said to Zayn. I pulled him after me, and only when we were away, I dared to look back. 

It was Louis. he was still staring at where I was a while ago. Because from there he could see the 8th graders who were playing basketball right across the fence. "what'd you think?" I heard Zayn giggling, "did you really think that he was looking at you? Haha, you wish! for that you have to be one of Taylor's friends, or wear a top cut low, or..." "Zayn!" I hissed. "what?" "you can forget about the book!"



Zayn's POV:

Mrs. Moore, the chemistry teacher, was an unusual creature. at the age of fifty , with energy of a little girl, and a verge of nerves of an old lady. "Good morning" she said while bursting into the class, her purse under her arm. we jumped a bit in our seats. we tried to figure out if her good mood was coming because she's giving us a free-class, or because she's going to make our lives miserable.

"OK" she announced while sitting down,"Quiet! hey! EVERYBODY QUIET!" she screamed. The class suddenly fell silent. "OK, so first of all I wanted to say that I'm happy, because there are a lot of students who put their confessions in 'The Box Of Confession'. I didn't expect so many students would put their confessions in it, but I'm happy they did." "But. Mrs. Moore, a lot of kids don't put their confessions there," said Danielle. "what if other students open it and reads our secrets? I want to be sure my secrets are safe" "in your case, honey, you don't have to worry." one of the boys said, "the girls you tell your secrets to will do it anyways." the whole class started laughing. "you have nothing to worry about," said Mrs.Moore, "the box is from steel, no one can open it, and it's screwed to the wall, no one is going to open it. even us,the teachers, won't read anything until the end of the year, when we'll put your letters in the school magazine." "so it's a direct recommendation from the principal to anyone who thinks of cheating on the exams, they should put a letter saying that he did it," said another guy, "'cuz the teachers won't read them anyway." the class burst into laughter. "ah, OK, that's enough." said Mrs.Moore.

I was re-reading the love-song I wrote for Taylor, when I heard Leanne saying "what are you doing?", I jumped a bit in my seat "what? nothing!" "is this for Taylor?" she asked, I coughed a bit and said,"yes, I found the perfect way to win her over. but it's none of your business, I'm not telling you anything." "Tell me!!" she said, I couldn't resist, "OK, so I'm going more on the romantic thing, I wrote her a...Love-Song." I said, smiling, but that smile had faded when I saw Leanne's expression. "Don't say anything, it's too late, I already put a copy in her locker." she just shook her head, "you see? this is why I broke up with you." she said pointing at the paper, I looked at the paper and then at her,"because I use paper?!" "she sighed,"you try too hard! you do the impossible to impress a girl that maybe won't love you back, and what for? you're cute enough without all the effort." "and yet, you dumped me." I sighed, i didn't love her, but I did miss her, and the time we spent together, acting ourselves without any awkwardness, and that is what I missed the most, being able to just be yourself around the one you love. "Excuse me!" Mrs. Moore's voice interrupted my thoughts, "I guess you probably know the answer to the question." "what question?" I said, she got angrier, "do you even KNOW what we're talking about?" "of course, Umm..." i said, blushing, Leanne whispered the answer, and I whispered "what?" but apparently I was too loud, she got even more angrier, if that's even possible, "were you listening in the past few lessons? do you even know what..." she stopped and looked at the paper I was holding, "what is this, Mr.Malik?" she pointed at the paper, I started sweating, "nothing" "is it something related to the class?" she took the paper, "you don't mind if we share it with the class, right?" she said, I was ready to be absolutely humiliated, but then Leanne took the paper from Mrs.Moore and said,"it's mine" she said," it's private, he took it from me without my permission. It's not fair, I don't want the whole class to know what's written there." she looked at me as if she was offended. Mrs.Moore looked at her, and then nodded, "so you distract other students too? One more time and I'll call your parents Mr.Malik" 

I looked at Leanne,"I owe you" I whispered, "I won't let you forget." she said sweetly.





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