The Operation

Leanne, Beca, and Zayn were bestfriend since forever. They weren't popular, and were never noticed. They absolutely hate Taylor, the Queen B of the school. So what happens when they decide, along with Liam to get back in her?!
Read and find out... ;))


4. Fight In The Street

Harry's POV:

I ran as fast as I could. I knew I was late, but I hoped that Josh won't get mad. After all, it's not the first time we plan to "kick asses" together, and it's not like we're fighting for justice.

Unfortunately, Josh was already waiting for him by the gate, and according to his face expression; he wasn't very happy. "You're late." he barked. I leaned on the fence, gasping, "Only in five minutes!" "fifteen!!" Josh pointed on his clock, "we said we're going to be here at 3:00 sharp!" "Oh, c'mon!" I looked at the end of the street, "he's not even here yet. everything's OK" "and what if he arrived and I had to give-up to him, only because you didn't bother to come?" "Bullshit. you know you would've beat his ass with, or without me. And I'm only here to make sure he won't beat you." "Don't tell me you're not dying to beat up his ugly face!!" Josh got a bit angry at me. "look, if he'll come with a friend, then I'll join." "yeah, that's the last thing I need. Then people would see us fighting, call the police and then BAM! we have a police record!" he straightened his back, "I want it quite and clean, and you'll stand and watch he won't run away from me." "sounds fair." I said elegantly, just to annoy him. "Harry!" he threatened, "you're lucky I'm saving all my anger for Louis, or else..." "oh, give me a break, Josh, you know I can beat your little ass up in a second if I want." "What?!" "You had an orange at lunch today," I shrugged, "we've been friends since first grade, I know you don't react very well with oranges. I just have to find the dot in your stomach to prove that you're in such a sensitive situation you are right now", Josh blushed, he tried to think about something to reply, when he stopped and looked over my shoulder, I turned and saw that Louis was coming, he was walking along the building's fence. He didn't seem to notice that we were standing there, he stared at the ground, like there was something bothering him. I tried to think what could'v bothered him, Louis; the "professional" soccer player. A ball? A girl? A baguette (with tuna of course)? but nothing else? Maybe a math function, but even then, only if you could eat it, play with it, or it was wearing a skirt.

"Louis!" barked Josh. Louis raised his head in surprise, "what?!" "you've got a minute for me!" "actually, no", "it's too bad you didn't notice there was no question mark in the sentence." said Josh, putting a hand on the fence and blocking Louis's way. "what's going on? are you trying to make fun of me?" he got angry, "you know that if my friends were here, you're dead!" "yeah, but your friends aren't here! Now. listen to me and listen to me well, the name Ben Devine, does it ring a bell in your mind?" Louis squinted, "who?" "my little brother, 9th grade, he told me that you and your gang deported him out of the soccer field, like you guys own it, shame on you! kids who are 2 years younger than you." "I'll do whatever I want!" he said in sass."Oh, yeah? hey, where do you think you're going? I'm talking to you" but Louis just ignored him, and turned to walk away. I realized it was my turn to get in the picture. I stepped forwards and blocked his way. "It's not a nice thing, what you just did. walk away while I'm talking to you," Josh said, "and even more, when my friend is here to make sure this goes one-on-one. Don't you worry about him, his principles work for you." That was when Louis got angrier," I don't need anyone's principles!" he threw his bag-pack on the floor, "I can take both of you down, two losers from the 11th 'A' grade, the school's joke!" That was what Josh was waiting for, "I'm gonna beat your little sass-ass down!!" "YOU WISH!" Louis screamed and threw himself on Josh. I backed off while they were fighting. they were even for a little while, but then Louis got on top of Josh, and he had the advantage over him. "Enough!" I said and grabbed Louis's hand. Josh took advantage of the opportunity, stood up and walked away. "COWARD!" screamed Louis. he shook himself off of me. "you should watch out!" he called after him, "you're lucky you brought your friend with you!"


Josh looked upset. "that didn't go as I expected!" he looked up at me and saw me trying hard not to laugh, "Oh great! Now even my friend isn't grudging me!, "No, I am," I tried my best not to laugh, "I just remembered a joke!"


"Really! wanna hear?"


"two politics go on a plane..." I couldn't stop myself from laughing, so i just let it out!

Josh looked at me rather in mercy than anger, "I've no idea why I'm your friend!"

"Because you love me!" "so? about 80% of the girls in school love you, and you don't seem to give a shit about it!" he teased. I got serious, "no-one asked them to love me" i replied, "and if they would've really get to know me, they would probably run away from me", "why? what complex do you have? I mean, I know you hate Taylor and the rest of the Queen-Bs. Do you have a dark secret you're hiding? you know it's not good to keep thinks in your stomach", "That's right. And I'll show you in a minute, with the orange you had today." I threatened, "you're talking like the school's VP, with her stupid idea of 'The Box Of Confessions'". they both laughed.

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